Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Like We Were Never Gone...

Christ, it's tough getting back into the swing of things after a week off! However, big ups to Kitty for getting this site up and running again!

Up for review is Geeky Dragon Girl's site I Live Under a Rock. You know, I like reading good blogs, but I hate reviewing them. I have all this pent up rage building inside me and I let it out on shitty blogs. I mean, I can't use all my fun swear-y words on good blogs like this one. Jesus! The worst I could say about this blog is that it gets a little boring at times, but it's a personal blog, and we can't all have great sex/gossip/rants stories everyday. I mean, we'd be exhausted! Reading started out a little slowly for me, but she really grabbed me with the part about how her partner's parents don't know they are a couple (I have friends in the same situation). She writes well, the posts are well thought out, and often times make me smile, especially the one comparing christmas parties (I feel your pain on the cheap office party, girl).

Not only is the writing good, but the template is just lovely. Naturally, she's a website developer, so the site is spotless and she has her own domain (which matches the title, Fireballs). There's a drawing of a girl in the header image that I assume is the author; and if that drawing is based on what she really looks like, ahem, well, I may just have to switch teams. I like how she describes herself, especially the part about "and then one day she found out she was gay." That actually made me laugh a little, due to the fact that we're all a little clueless about ourselves. The muted dark blue background is nice and I like the nice wide space she gives for the posting area. Not so in love with the ads, but they're mainly at the bottom and one in the sidebar, so I can't get all up in her grill for that.

Anyway, I give it for being neat, easy on the eyes, and having mostly interesting posts, even though I secretly wanted it to suck ass so I could get all ranty and ravey.


  1. Hooray I don't suck! Hooray I'm only boring sometimes and not all the time! But oh no I prevented someone from using foul language in a release of pent-up rage. Sorry. I rather enjoy reading those. Provided it's aimed at someone else. ;)

  2. Oh come now, one comment and it's from me? Not acceptable. There, now I have two! Yippee!

  3. There's something about auditing salary hours that should make you happy I didn't comment yesterday :)

    I like her blog. I've been secretly reading it since she submitted when my other daily reads were subpar on the "Wow your life is fucked up" meter.

    I absolutely love the layout. Why can't more people learn to use the entire space of the blog? And not just have a tiny column in the middle?

    Oh, and yea I'm working on it for us. So shhhh!

  4. you are hot sexy and the bestest Kitty lets have wild kinky sex?
    thanks for getting it back up it was close to me gouging my eyeballs out with a dull pencil

  5. No need to gouge your eyes out. You can always read my blog on a boring day for self-flagellation. Of course after that you might want to hang yourself, which is likely less painful than eye-gouging.

    And as for salary hours auditing... um, thank you for not commenting yesterday. I really really really appreciate it. You were likely on the verge of eye gouging yourself!


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