Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dick In A Box

I titled today's post after this video which is clearly the hottest thing on YouTube, and one of the funniest things I've ever seen. You have to give Timberlake and Samberg credit. This is clearly better than "Lazy Sunday", although at the time, a lot of us thought that would never be topped. So, if you were searching for this video and happened by here by accident, and have a blog, why not sign up for a review from our crack squad of superstars? Heh.

Moving on.

Today's entry is Blog Xalpharis, which at first glance is pretty non-descript. My guess is this is some sort of new blogger template, the lime/mint green being about as bland as it can get. However, I like the organization of the template, the rolled-up archives and links, and the fact that his sidebar is mercifully short because of this. Again, this template is probably a C+ to B- template, just because there isn't a whole lot going on. His "About" link is broken too, or at least re-directed poorly.

Content-wise, he's an angry gent. Which I like. A lot. His current rant about people bitching about second-hand smoke hits SO close to home it's not even funny. He's got a lot to say, it makes sense, and it hits home. Some of it may be controversial, but I'd rather read someone with an opinion (be it dissenting of my own or not) and someone who can string coherent, cogent facts together than what Mommy bought Sonny Jim for Christmas and how difficult her husband is being because he wants a fake tree.

So yeah, I'm on board with JDX. Constructive criticism is what we're here for though, right? Okay. Like I said, the template is bland. The "About" link is broken. For this, I give and offer up the idea of mailing our own Kitty Kat for a potential template upgrade. She doesn't come cheaply though.

Content-wise, keep on keepin' on, my man. It's good, gritty stuff and it makes me want to add you to my non-existant blogroll. Eventually, I'll get another blog going, but holy crap, I've been a busy sonofabitch lately.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone (who celebrates Christmas, for those of you of non-Christian ethos, just enjoy the damn weekend already!).


  1. Eh. I'm kind of eh on this blog. Cleveland finally invoked a smoking ban, and of course it's on appeal and I'm more sick of hearing people bitch about their right or the absence of a right to smoke that it probably ruined this blog for me.


  2. dick in a box. best snl skit in recent memory.

    it's what all your lady friends are getting for the holidays, isn't it, fireballs?

  3. The dick in the box skit was hilarious, I haven't enjoyed SNL that much in years.

    Great review, of course I'm a little biased - I happen to love his blog.

    I'm happy to see you are back up and running. I would miss reading this if you all disappeared.

  4. one: cut a hole in a box

    two: put your junk in that box

    three: make her open the box!

    *shakes her ass*

  5. Is it wrong that I keep hearing the chorus in my head? Song was damn fuckin' catchy...


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