Thursday, December 21, 2006


Hi there I was asked to review.

Before I begin gonna give big holla out to Kitty for getting the site back up makes my morning to read reviews. Now on to the review of Neurotic But Nice

It was extremely hard to get past the cotton candy pink and lilac of the blog .I hate those two colours with a passion. The template was arranged in a fairly organized manner. This is not a blog I would be subscribing to nope no ma’am. Sorry to me it’s another run of the mill 20 something still wanting to be a teenager but I have to work blog. The content is just to full of saccharine for my taste.

The side bar is chock full of extraneous content, which, makes it hard to really want to delve deep into this space. Have I mentioned my loathing for the colour scheme yet? The biggest annoyance is that for the intrepid blog peruser, yep I am making up that word if it does not exist, there is way to much content on the side bar and this left me wondering if it was simply to keep some form of traffic up? I would drop some of it and tidy up the side bar leaving the focus back where it belongs on the thoughts feeling and whatever else you are trying to express.

Now given my loathing and detestation I will say that the grammar, spelling and punctuation are well done. The thoughts are for the most part well organized. It not my cuppa but then again it doesn’t have to be .

Final thought and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine for the last entry. You need to be away and then post when you are back or just post. The whole I am on hiatus but please visit and read the crap in my side bar just makes me want to spew up last nights case of Keiths. You have another blog so consolidate the two and delete one. I don’t buy this whole I am to busy with my life to write two blogs right now crap.

Pax and Merry Christmas

Ratings are a for the overall blog and for the mess of the side bar

Want to be a guest reviewer? Well stop being a whiney bitch and sign up!


  1. sorry to say, but THIS guest reviewer is some kind of a joke, right?

    Or was it written by a constipated 8 year old? Who's suffering from a particularly nasty case of crotch rot from sharing a towel after swimming lessons?

    From the overall language, spelling and grammar, it seems so...

  2. It's real. I can't really say much for the grammatical seeing as I'm an idiot in that department, but I can say that I rather enjoy both of her blogs. The sidebar on this one needs a little fine tuning, and the colors are a bit like sitting in a Bratz Holiday episode.

    What can I say? They ask, we supply an outlet.

  3. Hell, I'd sign up if I didn't have an extreme affinity towards foul language. That sort of thing tends to draw people away from any form of constructive critism I may have. If any, that is.

    Shit, shit, shit, shit, and a goddamn too.

  4. Why did she submit this blog if she hasn't updated in a month and a half? Retarded...and xalph, swear away!

  5. ok I could swear well damn here I was trying to mostly clean up my rig-o-nese for the good gentle readers.
    Should I wonder if my adoring fan was so distraught and dismayed or shall I just have another Kieths ...Keiths wins

  6. Where does it say we don't allow swearing?! Fuck that shit, man!

    In the immortal words of Blink 182:

    Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits, fart, terd, and twat
    I fucked your mom And I wanna suck my dad
    and my mommy too...oh, is this thing on?

  7. well hot fucking damn
    merry christmas and all that
    beer anyone?


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