Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yes I know I suck

I'm totally late with this review, for which I apologize. Chalk it up to having my parents and a miserable cold descend upon my house simultaneously during the week that is supposed to be my "vacation." Yeah. Nothing more relaxing than trying to breathe through a gallon of snot while amusing my stolid midwestern parents who disapprove of my lifestyle.

Gah. I have to say that going back to work next week is actually starting to be appealing.

This week, I'm reviewing Rain on my Tirade.

Rain has been blogging since 2004, but only consistently since July of '06. The template is nothing to speak of. It's the plainest white blogger template with non frills at all. Short blogroll, list of recent posts, short list of archives, and a flickr account. I'd recommend rolling up the archives, at the least, the rest is pretty short to begin with.

I am trying to think of something to say about this blog, but all I can really say about it is that it sounds EXACTLY like Dooce. Clearly, Kelly is an "aspiring writer." There's nothing wrong with that, and she has a dry sense of humor that is occasionally entertaining.

It's just WEIRD, for me at least, to be reading a blog that sounds like it was written by Heather B from Utah, but wasn't. Oh, she has a hip husband. Oh, she has bills coming out her ass. Oh, she has a cute little dog. The only thing that's missing is a cute baby, but I'm sure that will be there eventually.

Read it yourself, and let me know what you think. I don't have a lot of feedback, aside from this...blogging is really about (to me at least) finding your own voice. If I want to read Dooce (who actually, I enjoy), I'll read dooce. If you want me to read you, Kelly, I'd like to actually read about KELLY.

Would I blogroll this blog? Nope. Like Kitty, I prefer more of a trainwreck scenario that I can't take my eyes off of for fear that I'll miss more a) sex, b) drugs, c) puking, d) jerry-springeresque drama, etc. I did like the t-shirt post. The rest were just too eerily doocesque for me to stomach.

And I already read Dooce. The last thing the blogosphere needs is another one.

I give it

And a

because it's not horrible, it's just derivative and soulless. Kelly...a hint...give your readers more of YOU, and a little less witty yet empty prose.

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  1. I don't read Dooce (though I've heard of the blog), so I like this one. I went and found Dooce and read some and then read more of this one and I see the similarity. The t-shirt post is great. And I kind of like witty, empty prose sometimes. But then, I'm soulless, too ;)


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