Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Have a Girl Crush

Can colds and disease pass through the internets? Because I think I'm getting the plague that everyone else around here seems to be getting. Fortunately, my condition is merely in the annoying scratchy throat phase, so I'm here for you one hundred percent for this review.

Just as fortunately, I got a blog that doesn't suck, Two Write Hands. Not only doesn't it not suck, it's super-duper great. The kind of great that makes me want to put it on my insanely long blog roll. When I read that the author is a full-time student and works at a magazine, I groaned inwardly at the thought of reading a "writer blog" (which are rated only slightly above mommy blogs, in my opinion). However, in the interest of fairness, I gave her a shot. Not only is she cute (I heart black rimmed glasses) and smart, but she writes in a way that's light, fun, and doesn't make you want to stick a fork in your eye. Her posts are mostly personal (I haven't really gotten into the archives, but, when do I ever) and about school and make me yearn for my past college days when I, too, used to go to class in pajamas and no makeup. I noticed in her profile that she describes herself as an "aspiring world-famous blogger," which, if she keeps up what she's doing, she just may get there.

As for the template, well, it's pretty simple, bordering on boring, and insanely organized. Everything is rolled up, even the blog traffic sites she subscribes to. No buttons for this little lady! I really love that, I really do, and the reason I emphasize that is because the only bad thing I have to say about this blog is that I HATE ADS ON BLOGS! GAHHH! You're not going to make any money with them, trust me. But, with that said, the ads are pretty inoffensive and tucked to the side, so I can almost ignore them.

Anyways, I give her for having well thought out posts that are interesting and make me nostalgic for my own college years.

And I was going to give her the flaming finger for the ads, but I just can't bring myself to do it because I like this blog so much. I know, I'm going soft.


  1. She should post more. I'd like her more if she posted more.


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