Friday, February 16, 2007

hit the snooze alarm again

Good Lord. First it was called No Looking Back. Then, A Mom's World. Now it's Enter the Circus. Sheesh...This blog has relocated TWICE since being submitted for review, and changed names both time. Sadly, while the names have changed, the content has remained crappy.

In short...

Template: Boring. Green.
Header: Needs Editing (that should be a long dash, not a single hyphen).
Title: Doesn't fit the content at all. Sounds like it should be interesting, when in reality, it reads like something my 80-year-old paraplegic great-aunt would write.
Content: zzzzzzz. memes, daily themed posts, and more zzzzz.

I give it nothing. That seemed the most appropriate considering the above. It's like the styrofoam of blogs...tasteless boring filler.

p.s. In spite of the whining, we don't review the unwilling. Ever. So if you see a blog being reviewed here, it is because the owner of the blog asked for it. End of story.

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