Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy VD!

And by VD, I mean Valentine's Day, but to a single girl this day does feel like an itchy rash down south. Anyway, on this day of rampant commercialism, I'm called to review Blog d'Elisson, and it's not an easy task.

Yet again, another writer-ly blog by a gentleman from Georgia. I have the hardest time reviewing these types of blogs. They're not horrible, just not my cup o' tea spiked with Jack Daniels, ya dig? He does an interesting thing where some of his posts are 100 words on a particular topic (which is cool, some bloggers should take notice of that idea) and others are day in the life and newsy shit that didn't quite grab me (but I'm more like Kitty, in that I love bloggers that are absolute train wreaks, especially the booze hounds and sex addicts). I absolutely loved his VD post about a young lady who caught his eye in Reader's Digest. Very sweet in that non-vomit inducing way. All in all, I'd probably read him once in a while, but the content just didn't completely knock my fishnets off.

As for the template...well, hmmm, not the best of the standard blogger templates, but they're all pretty blah. The thing that I will suggest is, and listen up Mister Smarty Pants, roll up them thar sidebars! Christ on a bike! I think this guy has linked to every blog in the free world! I scrolled for a good 2 minutes and still didn't hit the end of that fucking thing! Buttons, maps, moon calenders, and pictures galore as well. Seriously, this guy loves his links. Fuck, and I thought I had a long blog roll.

Anyway, I'm giving it a for the pretty good content even though it didn't exactly rock my particular world

And a and a for that goddamn fucking sidebar...just, DAMN!


  1. Wow! That is one long sausage link. God, how much time did he spend working in his template for all those things?

  2. Christ on a bike...I like that.

  3. Yeah, ole Elisson is a link whore all right. In fact, he's a whore of many stripes. I admire that in him.

  4. Slumming, V-Man?

    Hell, his sidebars are absolutely short. You just don't know.

  5. Slumming, V-Man?

    Richard you are so sharp.

    I hate those fucking roll ups.
    Takes you twice as long to get to the bottom of the list.

  6. Christ, the only negative thing I had to say was about how long the sidebar is and everyone gets pissy. Grow up.

  7. I like Ellison. :) He makes me laugh. But then, I love old guys from the south whose wives have funny (yet intimidating) nicknames.

  8. Pissy? Who's getting pissy?

    Hey, I'll be the first to admit my sidebar is too fucking long.

    At least there's only one of 'em. And I've started the pruning process. There is an awful lot of useless shit there.

    As for this site, people who can't take criticism shouldn't be writing stuff in Bloggy-World for everyone to see, am I right?


Grow a pair.