Monday, February 12, 2007

Me...Should I Ever Be A Bomb Ass Mom.

I hope you enjoyed the kitty cannon, and if you didn't then just revel in the knowledge that I truly am that big of a sadistic fuck because, quite frankly, I find that game insanely hilarious.

By the way, my personal best is 398 feet. That's right mother fuckers. Read it and weep!

Right, so onto the reason you may or may not be here: The Brain Bombs, the blog of a righteous woman from Washington Heights who is the wild bad ass mom I'm certainly hoping I can grow up to be. In definition, not in actuality or exact replication and/or application.

Start with the basics: The template design is fantastic. The colors are easy on the eyes yet unique, the header image is fantastic-even if the woman has no face and that slightly scares me, the text is easy to read and has little flaire, and the only suggestion I have as far as overall design is concerned is that the blog title needs a bit more pinache. Perhaps a more snazzy font, or simply making it stand out a bit more, because at first glance I didn't really take notice of the title. And that should cover it for the praise portion of our review.

Just kidding, but the archives need to be rolled-up, the sidebar needs to be shortened a bit or, at the very least, organized. The book cover pictures could easily be lined up side-by-side so they don't take up as much room, and the buttons at the bottom are in desperate need of some serious organization. I particularly don't like the fact there are 2 links to access the comments section, and as much as I love a good JFK quote, well? It makes no sense at all. There are also two optional links to "link to this post." Basically, unless you really are desperately vying for people to comment and link to you, fix that.

Content wise, I dig her. She may not be the horrific train wreck I'm always searching for, but she's real, she's raw, she doesn't sugar coat shit, and I love it. I don't have time to do an archive dive-and I assure you I will-but the first page of posts is enough to make a fan out of anyone with an average IQ who isn't a die-hard liberal tree hugger. [I'm a conservative, I had to go there. Sorry if you're offended, but if you are that just proves my point.]

Mrs. Brain Bomb, you had me at Newport Cigarettes and "My toes were curled up in my sneakers and I was clenching my ass tighter than a straight man getting a prostate exam (why do we clench our butts during times of stress anyway, I mean it doesn't really help, does it?)."

So, I must say to you:


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  2. I seem to be unable to break 1,300 feet.

    Read that and weep, sucka :)

  3. I'm going to have to kill GNVP again, aren't I?

    It's getting expensive trying to ressurect him constantly.

  4. This is why I like this site. Finding smart good writers is what it's all about, right? Right.

  5. 'smart good' should have been:

    smart bloggers who write well

    Because you can't leave a mistake riddled comment when commenting about writing.


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