Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just Jew It, Yo!

Before I begin, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Kitty for her recent loss. If you've been wondering where we've been for the past week, we were all right here but our ring leader was off mending a lacerated heart and a situation that is straight out of a lifetime movie. For serious. So, baby girl you have my condolences, my hand, and my fine tuned ear, and I'll really try on the attention front. I swear!

Enough with that. Today's blog special is none other than Simply Jews which for some reason made me titter and banter like a little middle school boy after putting gum in a girl's hair and running away. Why? For you see, I am a member of the tribe. If you have no clue what the tribe is, especially given the context clues of all the shit that came before the word "tribe," then click that little red box at the top of your browser and I promise a tiny little elf will show up and grant you two wishes, and give you oral. I also found it rather serendipitous, seeing as I'll be in Israel next week. Pardon me while I booty dance to the idea of my upcoming vacation.

Okay. Booty dance complete.

The template is rather gross. I know I should harbor a distinct resentment for the standard blogger templates, but I can't help it. There's a ton of options out there, and if you're shaking your head and thinking "I don't want to pay for my blog to look nice," well then let me just point the fact that there are a ton of FREE templates out there for your use and personalization. Just be thankful I'm not a devout hater of the color green. Outside of that, everything is well organized, I'm loving the scrolling areas of the sidebar, and I'm all over the Jew pride.

Sadly, I'm all over the Jew pride. It's a political blog from a very Zionist perspective which is representative of my own political beliefs of the entire fiasco going on in the Middle East and the apocalyptic desire of the Arab nation. I'm not very into politics, I know what I believe and think, and I know that politics are a hot zone for arguments and debate, and because of all this I'm going to refrain from judging the content. You can read it and judge it for yourself.

I give it a for the scrolling option on the sidebar, and the feline post

I also give it a for the gallery of female Israeli soldiers G-d bless you!


  1. Well, thanks... I think. I am not into the intricacy of the grading you use, but the results look better than getting kicked in the butt by a Timberland size 13.


    Oh, and you are right about the template. It purely sucks. One of these days...

  2. Do you know of any good sites that offer blogger hacks? I've been looking all over for a hack for a scrolling or collapsable sidebar (for blogger) and have had no luck.

  3. Well, I have just looked at the page source in one of the places with a scrollable sidebar and stole the relevant piece. So you are welcome to do so.

  4. try freshblogs...just google it.

  5. Well, I have just looked at the page source in one of the places with a scrollable sidebar and stole the relevant piece. So you are welcome to do so.

    I don't understand what you mean. I've done tons of hacks on my blog but I haven't been able to find the hack for scrolling sidebars. Where on earth do you steal the page source?

  6. Nevermind, I got the scrolling sidebar issue taken care of.


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