Thursday, March 01, 2007

back from the dead and better than ever

What to say, what to say? My task (and I mean task) this week is to review Long Slow Beautiful Dance.

Well, Laci, you've got the first two parts right. Reviewing this blog felt long and slow. And really, there is no good reason for that. Laci has a nice template, it's well-designed and clean, although the blue headlines on blue background is a bit too eye-wrenching for me. It has drop-down sidebar sections, and expandable posts (show me more, show me less...nice). I think it's really funny at times, like, for instance, she just took down her Christmas tree...I can so relate to that.

However, if I were to sum up my critique about this blog in three pithy words, I'd say..."Just do it." Laci reads too many books about writing. She talks too much about writing. She just doesn't actually DO IT on her blog. For those of us who aren't journalism or creative writing majors, reading about the PROCESS of writing is fucking dull.

I don't read blogs to learn how to write. I read blogs to see the magic without the the ugly nuts and bolts behind the scenes. I want to be entertained. Make me laugh, make me cry, but please don't fucking tell me things like "I want to write" without actually doing any real writing on your blog. Because if you do? I will never come back. I read people who can make taking a shit sound entertaining.

Also, pet peeve here...I don't know how old you are, where you live, what the hell you do for a living (or why you are taking all of these weird shifts), who the acronyms are, or anything else that puts your posts into some kind of frame of reference for me, and that annoys the crap out of me. So, do something about that.

That is all.

I give it a for being a young pretensious shallow imitation of a blog...all style, no juicy trainwrecky goodness.

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