Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shhh...Don't Talk...You're So Pretty

Wow, this review is sooooo late, and I'm also a little drunk so I claim no responsibility. This is This is on deck, and dear God, I must say...I have a new blog crush. Seriously, fuck...

I must admit, I haven't really read many of his posts (because they're long and writer-ly), but since I was confused by the title, I clicked on this page, and decided it didn't matter. He could write about boiling kittens and kicking Down's kids and I would still read it and eat it up with a spoon. Seriously, that face and the way he casually stuffs his hands in his pockets really knocks me out. I want to scoop him up and put him in my pocket. The real "Jerry Maguire" moment for me was his post about The Police, the best 80's band ever (outside of the Eurythmics). Reading anything beyond that would be gravy. You had me at hello, lover, you had me at hello.

As for the template, well, it's lovely...not all buggered up with ads or wierd blinkies. My only suggestion would be to roll up the archives since he's been blogging since 2004.

I give him because I just cannot deny the love for an adorable Brit with a brain who has an appreciation for The Police and The Beasties.


  1. He is delish.

    I would read, but I'm so fucked up on beer and sour cream and cheddar chips I'd rather just add him to my spank bank. Who doesn't need a Brit in their spank bank?

    You two are screwing up my schedule. You realize this right?!

  2. Hehe, sorry Kitty, it was a crazy week!

  3. I concur with this review.

    (I'm trying to sound British in order to impress the funny boy. Maybe I should throw in a few 'blimeys' and 'mates.')

    I bet he's all about the British stereotypes.


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