Thursday, March 29, 2007

Douchebaggery Abounds

I cannot deny that there is an inordinate amount of douchebaggery online. And, it might be a good idea to track it. As a true fan of schadenfreude, I'm all about laughing at the stupid people.

But...Douchebag of the Day needs help. It's a good idea, in theory. But, the execution falls short of the sort of style that the trainwreck fans on Ask demand.

Contentwise, the posts have no rhyme or reason, several of the contributors who are pictured on the right no longer contribute, and there isn't a regular stream of content onto the site. You can't be the douche of the day without a daily douchebag.

Templatewise, yawn. Ugly header with difficult to read text. Stupid douchey ads...and no, I don't want to see naked chicks in my town.

The sidebar is way too busy....resize the pics (smaller), or put them on a separate page and link to them.

Here is what I think this site requires: How about putting a little more time and thought into this? Title each douchebag thematically, and make it the Douchebag of the Week since you clearly don't have time to post daily. Think: Redneck Douchebag, Oompa Loompa Douchebag, Sigma Alpha Douchebag, Spring Break Douchebag, the possibilities are endless. Shorter, pithier text. Funnier pictures. Ask people to write their own captions (Caption a Douchebag) occasionally. This douchebag idea could work for you, but you need to spend more time thinking about what you want this site to become.

At this point, you're devolving into wigger of the quarter. And who needs that?

I give you one star for a great idea, but...

for the truly flawed execution.


  1. I keep going back because I am compiling a flip book from the photos.

  2. Who doesn't love a good douchebag?

    I love the bloggy concept, implication is a whole other story.

    I actually think they e-mailed and asked to be taken off the list, but, I suck. We all know this.

  3. Well, but I hear you suck really, really well. So, isn't that like...a good thing?

  4. Perhaps we should get Atomic Balls and GNVP to weigh in on the subject of Kitty's Suckage.

  5. I can't speak specifically to Kitty's sucking skills, I know *I* suck for not having my review up yet today. It's coming, promise. Spank me later if it's not.

  6. You can't hate on a site that features Wiggers Gone Wild. That's good stuff right there.

    And that Dallas boy went to my small West Texas Baptist university. Small world.

  7. Christ, this post reads like one of mine. I thought I had the market cornered on usage of the word "douchebag". Apparently I was wrong.

  8. er...yeah...i know lately it's hard to call it "of the day" as i've been on vacation. and yeah, the wigger thing was beaten into the ground.

    "You can't be the douche of the day without a daily douchebag."

    uh...i've been on vacation. i'm sure you're familiar with the concept of archives? it seems you've spent about 5 minutes looking at the dbotd.

    anyway, great review.

  9. by the way, been considering making it a weekly thing instead of daily for some time now, as i've beaten the shit out of the whole hair gel thing (getting tired). thanks for the review, and will be taking some of your points into consideration.

  10. I personnally think your review sucks. Who are you anyway...the grand poohbah of blogger reviews?

  11. I feel your review should be taken with a generous helping of vinegar and water!
    And I whole heartedly agree with fleur-de-licious

  12. As Canuck Correspondent for the Douche Bag O' The Day blog, I feel it's my duty to throw in my two cents here.

    DBOTD is a place where we enjoy making fun of people. We are the type of folks who generally don't give a shit what anyone else thinks. I, for one could care less about a blog that rates blogs. Any run of the mill retard can start a blog like that.

    Now I could use this space to be bitter and debate the fact that this blog's header is waaaay uglier than ours...but I won't. I just want to mention that you obviously did not read the archives, that's funny shit!

    I think your review was pre-concieved, you thought it sucked before you even read it...which by the way, I think you skipped the "reading" part.

    It's ok, sometimes we all take the lazy route...However, if I reviewed books I wouldn't just look at the pictures and scan the last page.

    I'm actually not bothered by your review, It really wasn't interesting and your suggestions were kinda lame.

    I think you guys are emo-douche...look it up!

    Cheers from Canada!

  13. Grand Poohbah or not, the site was submitted by one of the blog authors, and that's the opinion they got.

    Just cause I wear skin tight jeans, think it's cool to self mutilate, and have single handedly bought every pair of vans sold at my local hot topic, does not mean I'm emo. GOSH.

  14. Pray tell, please look up the word devolved in the dictionary. Your site may have been great six months ago, but it isn't great now. And it's wonderful that y'all are now rising to the defense of the guy you've left to hold down the fort, but one guy can only do so much, ALONE. And perhaps if y'all were still contributing actual content to the blog, it wouldn't have DEVOLVED into teh suck.


  15. p.s. Kitty...Vans are like so...last week. Real emo kids are wearing rocket dogs now. Seriously. Get with the fucking program, gel.

  16. I am sorry I didn't hear the last few comments, I was gargling with vinegar and water!

    What are we on? The Flintstones? Grand Poohbah? Listen up snapperhead, there has been only and ever will be only ONE author of the blog. As a CONTRIBUTOR (perhaps you need a dictionary) I send in ideas and photos and the One True Author sees fit to post the content. I would never now, or ever think to step on toes. So when You jump to conclusions about the content of the blog, it only further impacts my opinion that You never bothered to check the actual content of the blog. Everyone deserves a vacation, especially someone with the tenacity to put up with Douchey individuals on a DAILY basis.
    Now as for the flaming fingers....
    I have a suggestion as to where you can place those......

  17. For the douchebags...

    I'd suggest a cleaner template sans the ads...think about one with header tabs so you can put your archives/doucheologists/recent posts, etc. behind a tab. Clean it up. Shorten/tighten up the posts. Make them snappier/briefer. Tighten up the writing. Go to a weekly format so you don't burn yourself out.

    I know you want to whine and cry here, but I'm a girl with 3 years of blogging and over a thousand posts under my belt. I know what I'm talking about. I know you're not making any money from those stupid ads, and they're a distraction. The sidebar is a distraction from your's far too long. Focus on the content, make your posts more brief and pithy, and punch them up.

    This is my latest project.

    You can whine about what this blog looks like, or try to justify yourselves, or you can use this as an impetus to move to the next level.

    A douchebag would whine and cry and reach for the hair gel. So far, that's what you've done.

  18. Rocket dogs? Does that mean my Hush Puppies are next on the hipster ballot?

    So, is there actually a battle of sorts occuring here? Seems a bit ironic that the people who asked for a review are arguing with those individuals who were asked to do the review because they found things a little less than in their favor. Perhaps things shouldn't be taken so seriously? Or am I asking for way too much?

    Rampant douchebaggery--it always abounds.

  19. No battles, no quarrells, just defending what I believe in!

  20. You believe in acting like a whiney douchebag? Somehow, I expected more from y'all. I somehow expected that the people who rip on douchebags NOT be douchebags themselves.

    Damn. Humanity lets me down again.

  21. Kitty,

    Dr. Scholls can only follow shortly thereafter.

  22. Who is whining? I dropped it, obviously You can not!

  23. I wouldn't call dropping it continually coming here and checking for updated comments.

    But hey, what do I know? I just live here.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. KAPOW! Jesus effin christ! ( DBOTD research corrospodant here) Many valid points have been made on both sides, but why has this turned into a pissing match!? Of course you'd get flack from bashing DBOTD.I'm sure you get shit from every bad review you hand out. Although I agree, and appreciate the time you took to make the suggestions,Omniscience, Electrodouche AND Carrie are right as well. What it all comes down to is personal opinion.... and I wouldn't call defending one's work, and standing their ground being douchey. I would, however like to make a suggestion to YOU. Get off your high horse. Your site is based on you going on other people's site s because you obviously were inept in creating your own thing.
    'Nuf said on this issue.... as I said... thanks for the suggestions.

  26. Love Bites - your latest project looks like a hella lotta fun. Wish I'd thought of it.

  27. All personal opinions aside... I have taken the time to read some of your stuff, now that I am over the blows; and it's pretty decent...overall. You're VERY good at giving suggestions, and linking it into your comments as to make it easier for the reviewed to find.


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