Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Don't Worry About Nothin' 'Cause Worryin's A Waste Of My Time.

A few things before I begin, because I'm one verbose little bitch and that's just how I roll. Capiche? Good.

First--thanks to the wonders of blogger beta, the submission page ceased to update. Usually if there is an html error you can click a box to ignore it and things post accordingly, but I suppose the powers that be have declared a "Nay Nay!" to that option, so I had to redo the whole thing. If you're site isn't on there, please let us know and I'll update it. Second--this week shall be chill on the review front mostly because I'm jet lagged like a mother fucker and had my plans upon return completely shot to shit when I got the joy of having food poisoning for about 10 hours of my 12 hour flight back to the USA [Pity GNVP, folks. He had to sit next to me while I tested a plethora of air sickness bags and coincidentally missed the bag on landing]. Third--if you've submitted to be a guest reviewer, I promise you will have your chance to shine; however, it's a bit tough to get things in gear when we do things on a total procrastination and lax style. I'll try to make it an every-other-week thing, but I can't make any promises.

Finally, to the review. Today's victim is Eddie, Are You Kidding?, and before I begin let me just applaud Sir Dirk Star for the use of the mighty coma in his title. We applaud orthographic correctness here at AAYSR.

Sir Dirk Star has a Slash of G'n'R appeal to him, and on that note I'm going to let the funkadelic background and header slide. Normally I'm rather against the colors green and orange, but it strangely suits him. Everything is nicely laid out, well organized, and is consistently funkadelic-even the "Powered by Blogger" button. Far Out!

The content is rather far out as well, but not in a "What the fuck?" kind of way. Rather, it's in a "I think I've had this acid flash back" kind of way. He tells stories, and they're the kind of stories that suck you in to reading them no matter how long they are, and trust me they are rather long. Sprinkled throughout are random little posts, and maybe I'm just slap happily sleepy but the post about 10 things to never say to your pregnant spouse had me actually laughing out loud.

I may be getting soft in my old age, or maybe I've just seen so much crap in the months we've been reviewing that it doesn't take much to impress me anymore, but whatever it is I'm going on two weeks without much negative to say.

That is odd. I'm a big ball of "fuck you" and negativity.

O-well. Sir Dirk Star,

Now I'm off to Axl Rose dance to some "Mr. Brownstone."


  1. Thank you for the kind words. I was both surprised and humbled by your review.

    You are now proudly linked on my page.

  2. By the way, comma is spelt comma. Not coma!


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