Thursday, April 26, 2007

Attack of the Spam Blogs from Hell

Do you ever get ad-spam in your blog e-mail inbox? Well, the blog I was tasked with reviewing today is the equivalent of blog spam. It is sponsored-post after sponsored-post, which in my opinion is a trend that is fucking KILLING the blog phenomenon. It is ad after fucking ad. It is two sidebars full of advertisments surrounding posts promoting products I have no interest in.

It is literally incomprehensible to me WHY IN HELL anyone would read this.

The blog is from malaysia and was set up solely for the intention of making money. This person doesn't want a review, he wants hits and a link so he can try to make more money. I think that is the absolute antithesis of what blogging is about. As a crabby bitch from hell, I have to say the following:

Chapree Du Grande...look elsewhere for ways to promote yourself. I'm not linking you. And, as a trend, pay per post sucks. And you can go fuck yourself. HARD.


I give this blog, and every other "make money by blogging" piece of shit spam blog out there a million fucking flaming fingers. I hate you people. HATE, HATE, HATE.


  1. I agree, I hate these blogs.

  2. i didn't know these blogs existed.

    how the shit can you expect to make money off of blogging? it's blogging, for christ's sake!

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