Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just Say Pubert--Eee

Just Sewjin is the name of the blog I was given to review. This blog puzzled me. For one thing, I had no clue who was writing or what the blog was about. Ah, for a description to keep me from just skipping right on past. I like the header but frankly, I thought this was a sewing blog at first because of the title and the somewhat feminine design. Give us a clue what’s happening here, fella. You can find his information under his link entitled ‘Characters’, but I don’t want to have to be a detective. Lay it out there for me, ok?

It took me nearly an hour to determine what the hell I was reading about. The context clues were just missing. I had to go into the archives, but here it is in a nutshell. Just Sewjin is written by a Malaysian university student who is quite bright and very funny. He has a grasp of grammar and hyphenation that are not often seen in college blogs. No irritating use of webspeak or emoticons in this blog, I like that. Some minor young man angst here, but portrayed in a very subtle and self-deprecating way. Dry humor, that’s good in my book.

Visually the blog is very stark, but nicely readable, not having purple fonts and black backgrounds like so many blogs out there. I didn’t have to zap colors, so that is ten bonus points. I dislike the ad appearing right at the top in the focal point, but there’s only one and it wasn’t too flashy or irritating, so I can live with that. Better to get it out of the reader’s eye though.

Now to Just Sewjin’s posting structure. Benjamin, if you are the only author, you don’t have to put “posted by Benjamin” after every entry, we can guess. You might want to add your profile so that we can tell who you are and what the hell you’re going to be talking about. It helps put things in perspective. When you were writing about seniors I didn’t know if you were talking about college kids or old folks.

Sewjin is into writing dialogue, a lot of dialogue. It gets a little wearing, but who knows? Maybe he’s going to be a future screenplay writer; after all he does have the grammar skills. But it’s not a bad read. I laughed at the first couple of posts, but soon I’d had enough. Basically Just Sewjin is writing about life, but he’s just stepping up to the launch pad now, so he doesn’t have a lot of tools in his belt yet. I am sure with time he will get some more depth.

I give it but I probably won’t subscribe until you reach puberty.

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  1. dude, thanks for the review. one about me section coming right up!


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