Friday, April 06, 2007

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

Oh where, oh where, has our little dog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be? The little dog is nowhere to be found, but the Big Dog is back in business.

Miss me? Thought so. I heart each and every one of my legions of fans. I honestly do. That's why I took a vacation away from blog reviewing for a short time, just to recharge these old batteries. Actually, I had family in town last weekend, and because I suck SO INCREDIBLY MUCH, I forgot to email the crew that I'd be disappearing. So today, because I love you all SO INCREDIBLY MUCH, you get twice the Fireballs (don't worry, the first one is a photo blog, it won't take long!). Grab yourself a Cap'n & Diet Pepsi, and sit right down.

First, we have Oh, The Urbanity, a photo blog devoted to scenes around the Lair of Fireballs, the Illadelph (Philadelphia, for you non-hip mothereffers). Clearly, this might not be a blog that appeals to the average surf monkey, looking for God knows what at 2:30 in the morning, but, there is something here that will make you come back.

Okay, not to put too fine a point on it, I loathe the standard Blogger brown template. Hate it. It's awful. However, I'm giving it a pass this time. Why you ask? Well, honestly, does a photo blog with a subject this narrow need a fucking fantastic template? Probably not. Lora seems to want to keep things simple, so I'll play along. There is no "About Me", there is no blogroll of links, the only thing present on the sidebar are archives, and she (he? Who knows, really?) has Site Meter at the very bottom.

The photos themselves aren't super-high quality, but they get the point across that there are all parts of cities with hidden amusing qualities. She/he has a good eye for this, and the photos are definitely themed, and for the most part, the quips are generally quick, to the point, and amusing. My recommendation for this blog? I'd reduce the size of the page by maybe going to a week's worth of photos. The page is long.

Because it's the weekend, and because I'm feeling generous, I'm giving this two stars. I can't give it more, but there's an appealing quality here.

Next up on this blog-review pu pu platter (and I mean that in the nicest way possible, trust me), is Useless Advice From Useless Men. When I first saw the URL, honestly, I'm like "Oh, fucking shit, this is going to be a 'Men Suck' blog, and I'm going to have to be delicate." However, what I found is that this blog will be added to my blogroll almost immediately.

This blog is by 5 men and 1 women, and it's an advice blog, regarding the inner workings of men, how they operate, what makes them tick, et cetera. The template itself is nothing to write home about, but clearly, the meat and potatoes of this blog is the content, which should be given the Little Lebowski Urban Overachievement Award in the Field of Excellence. It's funny as hell. That's honestly one of the highest compliments you can get from me, boys (and lady). Again, the page is quite long, so I might recommend shortening that up, and the sidebar is uber-long and full of stuff. I'd also recommend changing the sidebar text to be darker, in terms of the links and your commentary about said links, but other than those items, this has made my day. I'm always delighted to find a blog like this. I notice they link a lot of blog review sites, perhaps I should have been the monkey in the wrench, the ointment for the fly, but I can't. It's good. It's REALLY good.

'nuff said. Y'all be cool. Enjoy Easter weekend. I'm out.


  1. Fireballs, two good reviews in a row. Did you eat a kitten for breakfast or something?

  2. It tasted wonderful. ;)

    I got lucky with two decent offerings this week, that's all.

  3. Courtney, don't you mean to ask if he killed a kitten this morning before breakfast?! I like to give the ol' under carriage a "How's your father?" before I undertake the stress of doing a fantastic job.

    As for you Mr. Fireballs, how do I miss thee? Let me count the ways!

    As for the blogs you reviewed, well the first one I figured was up your alley given the Philly-ness, but not for me. Absolutely love the second one. I'm single, I'm female, and G-d know's I could use all the fucking help available.


  4. "Useless" is awesome! Lucky you for drawing it from the review hat. Glad you're back.

  5. Personally, I've always loved a bunny trail.

  6. Thanks for being nice. I've thought about using a real camera to take these pics, but I can get away with a ton more by using my phone. People let you get a lot closer to them if you are pretending to text message. Suckers.


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