Monday, April 09, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury

Like me. I'll spare you the fucked up details of my life and get right down into bizzzz-nassss.

First up is The Emancipation of a Drama Queen which makes me wonder if this broad is the biatch that I just remembered has my favorite fucking sweatshirt.

That whore.

Anyhway, dress it up however you want to, call yourself what ever you want, a mommy blog is a mommy blog. This isn't the stereotypical mommy blog-I will give it that-but the first post mentions both of her kids. So does the post after that, and the post after that. That's enough for me. I will say that the template is rather groovy, but I'm not seeing any drama, or the molehills made out of anthills.

I give it a for the groovy template. I have nothing against mommy bloggers, I absolutely adore kids, but it depresses me when people really have nothing else to talk about but their kids.

Next: Nameless Erotica. My, doesn't this one have a promising title? Nothing erotic about it, but the first post certainly sums up how I fucking feel right now.

Everything about this blog screams "Cheesy fucking romance novel," and I'm shocked there isn't a stunning picture of Fabio and his flowing locks right in the fucking header.

The template is cool, though.

They also get a .

If either of you ladies would like a rereview because you feel this one sucks, you're probably right. I'm off to go find scissors to cut all these strings that bitch attached to me.


  1. I lurve the Drama Queen. She's one of my favorite bloggers. But then, I'm biased. She was my first bloggy buddy.

  2. Well that wasn't so terrible but what posts did you read? I actually don't mention my kids much and the posts on my first page only briefly mention them, if at all. Just curious what you saw. You should read a little more to get a better feel:)

    Thanks for the review!

  3. When you have kids... you need some sanity because it's fleeting. Blog it move it rub it down oh no!!! Drama's blog is a fun mix of real woman and mild insane mom (as we all are cooped up with kids who barely speak the same language..oh and her hubby has his own language or two. LOL) So I think a review by someone outside of the insanity only rings hollow.

  4. LOL, I don't think that the Nameless Erotica blog would have Fabio, since I think it is a lesbian blog. Maybe Fabia.

    Either way, someone needs to clue her in on the correct usage of English grammar.

  5. Women suck...but so do men...we're in the same boat...

  6. I like it when women suck a certain something, if you know what I'm sayin'.

    As for the reviews, they may be subpar, but even if I were in tip top shape it'd be the same outcome.

    God, I need pity sex. Stat.

  7. I just read drama's blog, and she'd have gotten the same review from me. So, it isn't just that GNVP has issues (which we know). It's that the content is mostly boring (to me at least).

    And I am a mom. But I'd say that only maybe 1 in every 10 of my posts are about my kids. The rest are about (what else?) sex.

    I'll give you one sentence that pretty much elaborates why I find drama's blog kinda dull:

    "However, the ease of writing this will only emulate the utter prosaicness of my life."

    Trying. Too. Hard.

    And I think you've wrongly used emulate in this context.

    p.s. GNVP--I need it too. You're hot. Please move to Florida, stat. ;)

  8. And, as for the her-otica...not that there's anything wrong with it, but a little cheese whiz can only go so far.

  9. Oh, my little googely bear. What has happened? I call, you don't answer. I read your review, and you clearly are much more issue-ridden than normal. FUCKER PICK UP YOUR PHONE! Just 'cause I'm the queen of the phone screening, doesn't mean you can follow suit. Oh, and I'd pity fuck you but *shudder* I just made myself nauseated.

    I think Fabio would be an upgrade from the pixelated header the wannabe erotica box muncher has.

    Mrs. Drama I could take or leave. Not horrible, not great, it's just there. It's Rice-A-Roni. I'm with GNVP. I expected something dramatic.

  10. Oddly enough, the two of you would really make a hot couple. Seriously. Of course, it wouldn't be the sort of porn I enjoy because you both look way too airbrushed and perfectly hot. But I think you should think about it at some point. ;) Just cuz you'd have gorgeous kids. And then Kitty could become a mommy blogger.


  11. We'd have disgustingly tall children, that is for sure.

    But, there's something inherently incestuous with the hole proposition of fornicating with the guy you've known since you were four years old and has come to be w bother to you. And while I'm all over hot and kinky, well? That's past my way-out-in-left-field limit.

    In other news, I just did a bomnb ass boot camp work out in my office. Prais Allah for lockable doors!

  12. Read them both. I can see the Mommy mafia starting to really annoy me, very soon. Y'all need to talk about something OTHER than your children, or risk hearing about us childless mothereffers NOT CARING! Seriously, if you submit for review, expect it. Some of us have kids, some don't. But reading about other people's kids is only going to produce either "Oh, those rapscallions!" or "Get the hell out of here with this crap" kinds of reactions from us. Seriously. Don't submit if you can't deal.

    The les-rotica, I've read better. Meh.

  13. I need some sex too...goddamn it, it's spring and people should be fornicating like bunnies!!!

  14. Also, I loved how the comments are skewing away from the blogs and over to sex...those are my type of comments!

  15. AAYR Reviwer orgy. My place. Tonight.


  16. I would totally take you up on that offer if a) fireballs were going to be there and b) you didn't live in the frozen north.

  17. Oh, and we should make a note somewhere that if aspiring bloggers want to please fireballs, boob shots would help. ;)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Ass shots, too. :)

    Yeah, I'm a pig. But honestly, I love all y'all.

    I'm down for a reviewer orgy. How about this weekend?

  20. This weekend is bad for me, I have a previous orgy scheduled.

    Fuck it all!

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