Friday, April 13, 2007

Let Us Pray...For My Sanity

I'm monumentally busy, but I'm making time for our wonderful adventure here. Looks like the ladies have taken the week off, leaving myself and GVNP to handle the load. Awesome. We enjoy being the dray horses, pulling this cart along.

Spankings for all of you at the AAYSR reviewer orgy. Mark my words.

That comment is wholly inappropriate considering the subject matter of today's review, but since when has Fireballs been appropriate? The Flip-Flop Mamma is both a Mommy-blogger AND a Christian blogger. While these two things aren't mutually exclusive, certainly, it makes for an interesting mix.

At first glance, I wholly endorse this template. It's quite a joy to behold, honestly. It's so good, I'm giving Splat Designs a link, too. The sidebar is long, and a bit cluttered with stuff and nonsense, but it's mostly organized and has a flow to it, so I'm giving it a pass, with the wish that people would shorten them, in general. The page itself is long, however, she's a bit verbose and the font size is large enough for even my blind eyes to read, so again, a pass here.

So, I'm sitting here at 7:30 AM on a Friday morning, a whole day of shitteous work ahead of me, drinking my decalf coffee (two creams, three Splendas, for those taking notes), listening to Social Distortion, pondering how to talk about this content. I think I'm going analytical, rather than right into attack mode. The writing itself is basic, and communicative. It's a bit cutesy-poo for me, and she uses words like "Lurve" that I wholly despise. Clearly, she knows her audience, and realizes what the language is that she needs to use to communicate her feelings to them. Not everyone is an English major. The subject matter is what it is. Her family, her children, her family's recent move, pictures of her children (adorable, by the way), a description of a pregnancy.

You may be lucky that you got me for a reviewer, FF Mamma. I'm not going to tear this apart, despite my overwhelming urge to. You seem like a decent sort, you obviously went out of your way to get a template that appeals to the masses, and clearly, you enjoy your blog. I'm sure your commenters and circle of blog friends enjoy it, too. My suggestions would be to clean up the writing, spell-check, use punctuation and format, and try to get away from the slang. Keep the template. Roll up your blogroll (it will lend itself to a cleaner look), roll up the archives, and consider masking some of your sidebar.

I like this template a lot. It's one of the better ones I've seen, and it fits this blog. The stars are for that, and the blog being exactly what it claims to be. Given my exhaustion, and my general temprament with 8 hours of crap in front of me, that's as nice as I can possibly be. Feel grateful you didn't get someone else, or I wasn't in a much worse mood.


  1. Listen, hater.

    If I had a buck for everytime you MEN have failed to post, then, uhm, I'd probably be able to afford that hostess cupcake that's been winking at me in the vending machine.


  2. So...your coffee was devoid of baby cows?

  3. Oh sure, call ME a hater. You know I worship the dirt under your feet. Now POST.

    There was some fake cow in my coffee. Something called a "mini-moo" whatever that might be. Creme-flavored beverage of some sort.

  4. Worship? Oh please.

    And I've missed posting for ONE WEEK. ONE!

    Don's start with me. I didn't go running this morning and I'm pissier because of it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The Kat is riled. I heart when the Kat gets riled.

  7. I'm the one he's hating on.

  8. I'm NOT hating on any of you, I was merely commenting that it's been a little quiet around here this week, that's all. I love each and every one of you, and I realize y'all have lives.



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