Friday, May 04, 2007

Diametrically Opposed

Let's begin today's lesson by figuring out the differences between myself and Miss Misery and myself, shall we?

She's 17. I'm 39. She lives in Canada, I live in Pennsylvania. She's in high school, preparing for her prom. I'm at work, slaving away. She's a girl, on the verge of womanhood. I'm a prematurely old cranky dickhead who pretends to be cool.

Yeah, this could get interesting.

I enjoy the template, let me first say that. The header image is a little bigger than I'd prefer, but hey, to each his own, right? She calls the blog "Miss Misery Smiles", but she ain't smiling in that header image, nor in any of the pictures I've seen of her. Kind of an odd dichotomy, but well, there it is. I'm not sure if she wrote the "About" section above the standard Blogger Who Am I area, but this blog is described as "enriching". Kind of a lofty standard to live up to, isn't it?

The sidebar is mercifully short, and hey, a button from IT2M. Are they still in the review business? I can't tell. Nor do I give a shit. At any rate, the front page is long, but the font size is big in Firefox, and it's only a week's worth of posts, so I'll forgive.

The content is simple and to the point, a diary of her life and the people in it. It's not Shakespeare, but it doesn't need to be. I can still relate to being 17, although I'm sure that most of you can, but I was the one in my crew who never got carded and could get beer, so fuck off. I remember listening to Bryan Adams and Journey (I never fucking said I was cool at 17 - gfy) and tearing around drinking Bud pounders, man, what a great time...

Sorry, got lost in the moment there. Look, here's the deal with this blog. She's got a good template, it's neat, it's organized, and the writing is decent, but not great. She's not trying to be great, though, she's trying to be HER, which is more important in the grand scheme of things. A lot of people in the blogosphere (ugh) could stand to learn that lesson, and she knows it at 17. I had a discussion yesterday with a friend about whether I should trash this blog because of the IT2M button. I decided I'm so over that whole thing, it's not worth it. This blog is decent.

Enjoy your weekends, assholes.


  1. Ah, the high road... sometimes it's nice to be over something.

  2. I almost puked when I read prom.

    Lord have mercy.

  3. I wish they had blogs when I was 17 cuz by now I'd have 5000 loyal readers a day. Well, at least 300.

  4. Eh, I hate it when someone is already bitter and cynical by 17. Of course, I was but i got over it.


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