Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh, goodie. Yet another *mommyblogger*

Lucky Fuckin' Me. I pulled up Caroline67's blog tonight. When I saw the name of this blog in my inbox, I must confess, I sighed. How much teh suck can one woman handle in a single week, fer gawd's sake? Isn't it enough that my son is on a hunger fast to protest the fact that I am an evil badwordthatstartswiththeletterb (his word) from the pits of hell? Isn't it enough that my peter pan of an exasshatband can't manage to spend a single day of the week with his kids? Isn't it enough that I had an asstastrophe today that while, far from being as glamorous as shitting oneself in southeast Asia, still endangered my cute skirt from goodwill and pretty Tarzhay shoes? I mean JFC. Enough is enough.

The first post was titled: "The Wheels on the Bus." Oh fuck me now, I can't take another one.

But you know what? Good is good. Caroline67 is ballsy, smart-assy, sarcastic, and hilarious. Far from worshipping the lint that has collected between the pwecious widdle toes of her offspwing, she is FUCKING NORMAL. And, by normal, I mean cool as hell. I mean, HAS A GODDAMN LIFE. I mean, READS BOOKS. I mean, can write an actual sentence of content that sucks me in and keeps me interested for minutes at a time.

The girl is good. I like her template (but I always have been a fan of both pigs and classic children's books). I like it's pretty whiteness with black text that doesn't make my eyes want to explode. I like her writing. I like her sense of humor. She does tend to go on, but if she's writing about these little emo poseurs that are underfoot in my neighborhood flaunting their easily-gotten mall-goth-weirdness to the world as if they invented weird, I can read it. These pansy-assed wannabe freak kids could not fucking handle the mosh pit of a black flag concert in 1986. But Caroline67 could. For hours. Blah blah...roll up your archives and recent posts, cut the number of categories by 2/3, but don't you dare fucking change anything else.

Y'all, this is my kind of mommy blogger. And lordy lordy, girl got game.

p.s. I am pleased. All is well with the world again. Now if I can just get laid, I will be perfectly happy.


  1. Finally, something good comes along. The template's a little bland for me, but the writing is outstanding. TV theme songs? Fan-foogoo-tastic.

    Yeah, I said it. Now we'll see what tomorrow brings for me.

  2. I just choked on my coffee. Did you just give a mommy-blogger one, two, three, FOUR stars?

    She is good. Glad you saw through the first post title.

    Here's hoping you can get laid now.

  3. Whoot,whoot! Raise da ROOF! That just made my day.

    Yeah, I know. 1996 called. They want their saying back.

    And the rolling up of archives? Cutting categories? I would, but I don't nuffin' 'bout rollin' up archives. I just does as the nice typepad people tells me. I'll give it a shot some day when I have a couple hours of free time to swear at the computer. HAHAHAHAHA.

    C-Dawg OUT.

  4. Ah. Sweet relief from the mundane. Nicely done, reviewer and reviewed.

  5. "asstasrophe" is phenomenal.


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