Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is your blog on acid

This is what your blog would be if Hunter S. Thompson wrote it.

I should say right here that I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Thompson. I get high on life (and an occasional infusion of ska or Jane's Addiction). Drug-addled pop culture observers don't do much for me.

And yet, after a steady diet of mommy bloggers and "dear diary, my dog failed her literacy classes today," Ry's blog was kind of like a breath of a gently pot-laced breeze wafting over my poor wretched nose, a nose that has been breathing too goddamn much sterile corporate air of late.

The template is aight. I can't find much to pick holes in, looks-wise, and I like the title. On the other hand, reading too much of his blog makes me feel like I've been smoking crack. Though, this isn't entirely a bad sensation, I suppose, since crackheads around the world seem to love it.

But he isn't boring. I think he may be nuts. And he really needs to put the thesaurus down and walk away from it. He verges over into "pretensious pseudo-intellectual I haven't been out of literature courses long enough" mode at times.

But he isn't boring.

I rate him:

However, I do think he occasionally believes in his own mythology a little too often, so to keep his ego in check, I'm also passing along this little reminder to keep him out of poseur-dom:


And I'd like to extend an invitation to move south and be my boy toy for a month or so. I don't know what he's like in bed (I suspect he has bad ADD), but I don't think he'd be boring.


  1. I like his blog too. I am glad you reviewed it because at one point Blogline's dog ate my links and I have had to rebuild my list and couldn't remember his blog title. It is very good, isn't it. And I am not being paid to say that.

  2. A couple of things:

    1. Though the picture on my page looks as though I’m hitting a bong like it had just kicked me in the shins, I assure you that it’s nothing more than harmless cigarette smoke;

    2. Fucking is fun, but have you given any thought to the myriad delights that await us in the "getting-to-know-each-other" stage?


    Fair enough...I’ll be right over.


  3. Ryan, darlin, you have no idea what dirty things I'd be having you do.

  4. ...


    It's not ball-gags, is it?

    I fucking HATE ball-gags.'s ball-gags, isn't it?

  5. Ball gags are ugly. Just call me your own little Severin, darling. ;)


    the whiplash girl child

  6. I don't think I should interrupt the conversation I won't.

    But I did like the blog.


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