Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who's a lazy slacker?

Oh...yeah. Me.

I just counted up and realized that I spent fewer than 10 nights at home in July. Hopefully, this homebody will be able to stay home for a bit during August and I won't fall so far behind on my reviews.

Our victim today? Little White Liar. I must say that I was pleased I got to review a blog this time that didn't completely suck. That was nice. Thanks, Kitty.

Love the template. Love it. It's clean, elegant, easy to maneuver around in, and thank heavens doesn't distract from the content. In short, it is everything a template should be. If LWL designed it herself, big props and kudos. If not, her designer should be commended.

The content...I enjoyed it. LWL has recently moved from the big apple to the land down under, and is cataloguing her adventures for our delectation. Yummy. I am enjoying reading it, and will probably blogroll her on my personal blog so I can keep up.

Plus, she's doing what I think every girl in her age group should do, something I did when I was her age: She's moved outside her comfort zone to a place where she is a stranger, learning to conquer homesickness, and making a new city her own. I commend that. Of all the choices I've made in my life, that was by far the most spontaneously wise decision I ever made (looking back almost 20 years in hindsight). I was one of very few of my peers to do the same: load my few belongings up and move a thousand plus miles from home. That road less traveled made all the difference for me, and I hope it will for her, as well.

That's what being young is for, in my opinion, accumulating as many experiences as possible before becoming settled and rooted by mortgages and children and marriages and debt.

The only criticism I have of her blog is that it gets a bit self-important and abercrombieish at times. She is a SERIOUS WRITER people, meant for great things as we all were at that age, but who can mock this, really, from the wise old age of 40+ looking back in time at 25?

Certainly not me.

I give it 4 stars:

And a lest all this sweetness and light go to your young little head.


  1. Well, we may have successfully killed whatever audience we had. Glad you're back, though.

  2. Probably. Of course, summer is just g'd hard for everyone.

  3. I have no idea if we're getting submissions because the stupid thing isn't working. That makes updating near impossible.

    Could this be the end?

  4. Do you want me to have my tech ninja friend look at it?

  5. i fixed it, but, y'all haven't gotten any submissions since it's been fixed.

  6. Do we need to recruit submitters?

  7. You better do something. I need my fix of bitter sarcasm!


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