Friday, October 19, 2007

Okay, So Maybe We're Not Quite Done

Listen, I'm going away for a bit starting tomorrow (Saturday the 20th), but if anyone is interested in keeping this thing going, email me at my Gmail address. Also, Kitty, if you read this, IM me or email me and let me know what's up. I'll be back next Thursday (the 25th) so I'll check my email then and see what's up. If I get no emails, we'll call it a day. Enough people have said they'd like to see this continue, so we'll see how serious they were.



  1. *waves hand, spasming like she's off her meds*

    I get how difficult it must be for you guys to fit this into your lives and do it in such a sustained kick-ass manner...and I miss y'all telling me what's good today so I can bypass the piles of steaming blogshit. If you come back, you've still got a devoted slave.

    Santa's coming soon. Don't make me sit in that fucking pervert's lap again just to get what I want. But shit, if that's what it be it. I'll ho ho ho his ass off.

  2. I can still be a reviewer for the new management, if they so desire...

  3. Atomic...I sent you an e-mail.

  4. It's not over till we say it's over, bitches.

    So, it's not over.

  5. E-mail sent, my little time bomb...

  6. Is it time to tell people that we'll be back soon with a new look and some new faces?


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