Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Guess It's Safe To Say We're Done

I'm not sure if any of you are checking back on a regular basis or not, to see if we've started up again. If you are, thank you. We enjoyed the run we had here, and it wouldn't have worked without everyone who ever submitted for review, or the reviewers.

So thank you. Very much. We certainly didn't love everything that came across our submission list, but we did find a few gems, without doubt. Even with that said, it does take courage to submit your blog for review knowing that we might tear it apart.

Personally, I have to thank Kitty Kat for starting this little endeavour, and marshalling us all in, keeping us on schedule, and fighting through the various headaches of HTML and reviewers who seemed to disappear and reappear as needed.

Good and Very Plenty was the other gent on this staff, and he and his wit will be missed by me tremendously. He always managed to crack me up, and he has the added bonus of actually getting to hang out with Kitty on a regular basis. Bastard. I never liked you. Kidding, kidding.

Love Bites was always looking for the next great blog, and she certainly seemed to get very lucky towards the end with a few real winners. I will certainly miss the attitude and the flirty way she gave advice to the males that submitted, and the strength she showed towards the fairer sex in advising them on their blog shortcomings.

It's safe to say that I had a huge blog-crush on Bitter Mistress, but alas, it will go unrequited as we fade into the sunset. There will always be a shot of Patron sitting next to me at the bar, hon. Just walk up, sit down, smile at me and drink your drink. We'll let nature take it's course from there. Fantastic reviewer, too.

To the rest of you who have ever been a part of this blog, either through a short-lived reviewing stint (guest reviewers, other previous staff members who's names are escaping me) or submitting your blog for review, thank you. It can't be said through this medium how appreciative we were and are to you.

Peace out, bitches.

Mr. Atomic Fireballs


  1. Major Bummer. Take care and may all of your itches get good scratches.

  2. This sucks ass. I fucking LOVE you guys and will miss checking here obsessively hundreds of times per day for new reviews. Please, can this be a hiatus and not The End?

  3. Dude, this may cause a major depression. You guys were hilarious. Really, must it be over?

  4. What the fuck happened? Here I am checking this blog out every day since the last review trying to see what the next great blog is going to be and boom! I get hit with this. Did we lose interest? Did we lose money? Both? Neither?

    C'mon dudes and dudettes...give us loyal readers a clue. One last post to explain the "why"....Please?!


  5. I love you too Balls, and if you buy me Patron, I may marry you...haha!

  6. Man, some of you guys need to get an RSS reader so you don't have to check for updates on your blogs!

  7. This was by far, the best of the sites doing this--the most fun, the most positively devastating! Getting reviewed turned my blog around and made it fun!

  8. I ditto flynfox ... a little backstory, please, before I delete y'all from my blogroll?
    Some Pig

  9. Aaaw. Thanks for the good reading, bitches. Don't stop hatin'.

  10. It was great reading your reviews. I hope you decide to return someday. Later...


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