Thursday, January 24, 2008


I caught Pardon the Egg Salad in the midst of a house-hunting expedition, catalogued dutifully for all to see, so I am bombarded with, at last count, SEVENTY-FIVE PICTURES of houses and house-related content...seriously, don’t even go to the link yet: sit back in your swanky computer-chair, brew up some coffee, and just imagine seventy-fucking-five individual pictures of house-hunting tedium.

All right, now go to the link - I think you’ll find, all in all, that it’s a solid-looking site: clean, nicely-annexed, a good title in a Warhol-esque header...not bad, style-wise. The content itself is nicely, if not extravagantly, worded; though I’m kind of disappointed with her assertion that she "swears too much", which she most certainly does not ("the backyard was a freaking dream come true" is an example), she gets kudos for reminding me that adding "cake" to the end of just about any word is usually quite funny (see "weepcakes").

Now, the bad news: "lolkitters" and the like are turning a generation of bloggers into premature cat-ladies, and it’s becoming epidemic: yes, you like cats, and the occasional photo of a cat is not going to hurt anybody...multiple pictures of cats, however, and distinctly cat-flavored anecdotes are a threat to both my and other non-kitty-lovers’ sanity.

Also, PLEASE tell me someone else sees the terrible irony of an advertisement decrying advertising: on the sidebar there is a picture of a cat refusing to be pulled on a leash over the word "RESIST" and under a sentence explaining that we are "exposed to 3,000 advertising messages a day"...which is, of course, a link to allow people to buy a postcard of the picture itself.

"Resist" indeed.

The above-mentioned, and easily-corrected, problems aside, I get the feeling that this blog would be eminently-readable had I not stumbled upon it during house-hunting season; house-photos notwithstanding, the pictures generally tend to accentuate rather than distract, and the writing has just enough zest to make it interesting.

That’s right: TWO stars bestowed on the fragile-premise that "Pardon the Egg Salad" isn’t, in actuality, "Pardon the House-Obsession". Speaking of which...

...for making me count seventy-five house-pictures - that took, like, forever.


  1. Yeah, I realized after I submitted my link that I probably should've waited until something more interesting was going on. Oh, well. Live and learn, I suppose.

    And man, I can't believe you counted those house pictures. I haven't even counted them. Props to you for dedication.

  2. I can't believe you added SIXTY-ONE more in your last post alone!

    That's fucking INSANE, my dear girl...

  3. OMG my head just exploded from house overload. I would go here and learn to make expandable posts. There is no need for this, seriously.

  4. It's shameful, I know. I feel like househunting ate my brain. It's pretty embarrassing really, since I usually am less old-lady and more inclined to be foulmouthed. (Though I have to admit that I'm never cool.) I have one more post to write about it and then it's done and I can try to be interesting. Or, you know, descend further into premature catladydom.

    And dude, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone to find the irony in the Resist cat picture. Shortly after I added it, I realized that it was pretty stupid to link it to an online shopping site, but I started to wonder if anyone else realized it was stupid. In over a year, you're the first person to pick up on it.

    Lovebites: many thanks. I didn't know there was a Blogger cheat for that feature, so I'll have to check it out.

    Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to review my blog, even though it made your eyeballs bleed. I appreciate your efforts to help me suck less.


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