Monday, January 14, 2008

Use It or Lose It

OK, I'm not sure if this is going to be a completely fair review, because 1) I'm writing this after a 3 and a half hour Graduate class, 2) it's day 1 of that time of the month when I hate being a woman, 3) it's 4 fucking degrees out, and 4) I have to wash my crock pot tonight or else I'm going to have a total fucking OCD meltdown.

Anyway, the for the day is Not Afraid to Use It. Basically, it's your average wife and mother pissing and moaning about things that happen in her life or that are on her mind. You know, like the other 8 bajillion bloggers out there (I include myself amongst the bajillions). It's not nearly as nasty and bitchy as I was hoping, what with the Wordless Wednesday posts, Thursday 13's, and pictures of her kid. Now, this isn't really a bad thing, just, well, not crabby enough for my taste. I know we can't all be pissy all the time, because, well, the neighbors might start talking, and before you know it, there's an FBI file with your name on it, but there's got to be more that pisses this girl off than runaway tigers and women watching their carbs (I mean, she is married, after all). Maybe I didn't read back far enough, but that really isn't my thang. Anyway, that aside, she writes pretty well, and there's some pretty good rants on there (I especially liked the little thing about her friend's roommate and the hockey thing, mainly because I don't get the appeal of hockey AT ALL, and I practically live in Canada.

The template is your basic boring blogger template with some blog awards buttons (do people still give those out? If so, who do I have to blow to get one?) and all the archives and links are rolled up nicely. I think she might benefit from getting a free template, or at least picking a blogger template that isn't so goddamn pink, but that's more of a personal decision, not really something I count off points for.

All in all, I give it Photobucket for not being completely horrible and mostly laying off the mommy blogging.


  1. You go, NATUI! I think it's great she doesn't think you're snarky enough! Friggin' Canadians.... ;-)

  2. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate that pink blogger template. It looks like barbie threw up all over the computer screen.

  3. Thanks for the review. I can settle for Blogs That Don't Suck. :) I do hope you give it another go once you've caught up on some sleep and had some chocolate to ease those monthly murder-death-kill vibes. But even if you don't, thanks for giving it a look.

  4. Hell, I give her props just for that last line in her hockey post. LOL!

  5. i want to read this website. sounds funny. won't load. sucks


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