Monday, February 11, 2008


Remember Shar? From Crazy Man Jones?

Totally. Rocking it. This week.

This is what focus/editing can do. You rock, girl.

And you thought we weren't paying attention to y'all. ;)

Who thinks she might be headed to a "fucking love you"? Well, me, for one.


  1. Hell, do you know what this means? My streak of not taking criticism well and drinking myself into a hot mess of a coma must be over.

    Somebody buy me a drink.

  2. I supposed to be keeping up?

    I KNEW there was more to this job than just yelling at teenagers.

  3. Well, on my case, I'm not sure it's part of the job. I think I just have a natural propensity for stalking. Ehem.

  4. I ADORE her! So glad to see her getting props.


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