Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Story Time

So, since I took a shitload of flack for not taking the time to really read a blog, being a below average blog reviewer (whatevs...you all love me and you know it), and was compared to Simon Cowell for the blog reviewing set (tis true, I hate about 95% of the blogs on the web, but I digress), I thought I would go past my initial gut reaction on a blog and force myself to read more than the first 2 posts.

After doing all that, I only have this to say: Fuck you. I'm trusting my gut from now on.

On deck is Standby Mode from Standby Mind in India. This dude seems to write stories. This dude, from what I can tell, writes stories that I can only conclude are possibly personal experiences written in the third person. Catch that? Because I had to read the first 3 posts a couple of times to come to that determination. I don't like reading anything 2 or 3 times. Ever. I'm not sure if it's a lost in translation thing, or that his grammar falls off the map in places, but I just can't get into his writing. Creative writing blogs are not my favorite things to read since quality is usually all over the map and I prefer blogs written by published authors (see this lady's blog for a good example). However, I'm not going to trash his blog just because I don't dig the subject matter. It's just not my brand of smokes, dig?

As for the template, I like it even though there's a bunch of shit (like buttons, flashing gifs, and a lyrics box) in the side bar that could probably be dumped (keep the flickr box, though, I like looking at pictures). It's a nice, soothing color that doesn't give me eye strain. Overall, a nicely laid out blog that doesn't make me want to barf.

I give it Photobucket for the soothing template and the fact that, even though I didn't dig his writing, I just can't be mean to a University kid for expressing himself.


  1. **purrrrr**

    If you've got the rope, I've got the hands.

  2. Did we somehow become en vogue with emo teenagers from india? Because, seriously, it's kinda trippy how full our queue has been of that type of blog.

  3. It's trippy... and annoying.

    I couldn't get through the writing. It's a meh for me.

  4. For me, not to sound harsh, and just perhaps because he comes on the tails of a few too many angsty teens, it's definitely an Abercrombie.

    I don't mind a teenage blog. My daughter used to write a hell of a good one, and she's only 14 (and I'm not even saying that as her mama). But this just needs WORK.

  5. Where's all the drama?

    If two stars makes people INSANE, why aren't I reading the vitriol of all the people who think that one star is like getting kicked in the teeth with a rock?

    By the by, who else is tired of hastily-snagged stock-photos for the purpose of "accentuating" blog-posts?

    Just me?

    (Four sentences, four question marks...THAT, my friends, is fabulous.)

  6. God, I haven't given a flaming finger in weeks. Months, even. Maybe it's time.


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