Monday, February 25, 2008

Ruk Jao

We THOUGHT we had all of you gone. We really did.

But no, somehow, Twilight In My Sky snuck through. Okay, fine. I'll play along.

Firstly, "Drifter", NEVER, EVER, EVER go with a standard blogger template. Especially the black background with the white text. While I realize that this was the epitome of coolness three years ago, it sucks now. In clicking through your other THREE blogs, I see you've gone for slightly better looking blogger templates, although they still aren't up to snuff. Since you've sent along Twilight In My Sky, I have to say that the black blogger template is HORRIBLE, and has instantly earned you one flaming finger.

Secondly, your expository writing skills, for someone who claims to like to read, are not even passable. It explains nothing of who you really are, it tells me nothing about you other than the vaguest "Oh whoa is me and my shitty life" that every other emo kid has going for him or herself. Write something with some feeling, something that tells me about YOU. Always start sentences with CAPITAL letters. Stop using FUCKING ellipses. I don't care if "this is how you talk", it shouldn't be how you WRITE. Another TWO flaming fingers because I absolutely LOATHE shitty, lazy writing.

Finally, the arrangement of this abomination. How many fucking labels does one person need? Honestly, find about 8 or so that you can pigeon-hole your shit into, and keep it at that. I'm not really interested in reading the one post labeled "possible" because honestly, I have no earthly clue what to expect. Find the blogger hack to roll them up, too, because that list is entirely too long. I do like the fact that your front page isn't eight miles long.

That's the nicest thing I can say about this.


  1. Could I be more tired of Indian Emo kids? Not really, no.

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  3. "ruk jao".....snigger snigger
    I'm gald I came across your page. Thanks for some great tips on sprucing up blogs (template and content-wise).


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