Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You know you want to...

Have you ever thought that you had the mad skillz to write reviews for Ask? Have you ever thought your pithy bitchy style is a perfect fit with ours? Have you ever wanted to play reviewer, just for a day?

Well, y'all, today is your lucky day. We're interviewing guest reviewers. If you're interested, go here.


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  2. God fucking damnitt. This offer would arise after my computer breaks.

    Just great.

  3. Maybe we could figure out some sort of snail-mail review system?

    God, that would be HILARIOUS.

  4. I assume, if you are smart, that you are keeping an eye on the New Jersey case regarding the teenage girl that committed suicide after reading the comments made about her on JuicyCampusGossip.com. Laws are slowly changing and your poorly written legal disclaimer may not save you. The girl's parents have filed a lawsuit against the site and against the individuals who made the comments. They are going under the premise that the site "did not deliver what was promised." The goal of your site is "to give bloggers solid constructive feedback on their blog." I find it strange that this guest speaker idea comes in the aftermath of "Zoloft Mom," is this a way of spreading the legal liability around? You people are shady.

  5. You're serious?

    I grew up thinking that logic would prevail over anything, that you could get through to anybody if your argument was valid enough...but it's people like you who make me understand that people only believe what they WANT to believe, and that trying to reason with fuckwits has the same effect as kicking myself in the face.

    I think you should totally follow that case, like, to the letter; and come back here when you realize that suing a site because they "didn't deliver" is like suing your buddy because he didn't bring the beer he promised you.

    You want your money back? Oh, wait...

    Listen, the next time you want to try and scare somebody, maybe work on your ghost-story-telling skills; they'll be a lot more effective than the bullshit that you're currently spewing.

    If this is honestly how your brain works, I wish you luck in real life, anonymous - you're going to fucking need it.

  6. Oh, my, is poor widdle mommy sad? Did widdle old us make her cry? Awww....poor baby.

    Let me call the wah-mbulance.

  7. Key differences:

    This involved an individual whose name and identity was clearly identified on the site, and whose life, in the real world, was impacted in a tangible way, by her peers, based upon those negative comments.

    Our review was of an ANONYMOUS PERSON whose identity is not revealed on her blog, and she was in no way defamed by slanderous allegations about her.

    Her blog was reviewed, as requested. Her writing and/or content was weight, measured, and found wanting.

    If zoloft mommy takes such literary criticism so seriously as to off herself based upon it, let us hope that child protective services will soon be notified to remove the children from her (clearly unstable) care.

    Now, go find another bridge to lurk under, spineless anonymous troll.


    You don't scare us, or even impress us much.


Grow a pair.