Thursday, April 17, 2008

Queen Mutha

I finally get my crack at being a guest reviewer, I get the chance to be a real bitch, to let my evil eye roam all over an unsuspecting site and who do they give me? The Queen Mum. Damn you, Queen Mum, damn you!

The problem here is: how can you trash someone who has grabbed you right from their damned gorgeous banner and then made you laugh, read and laugh some more? Really, Queen Mum, we are so similar, although I have never called my tits Sweater Puppies, until now. I wish I could tell it like this on my own blog, but I don’t have the chutzpa. Too many people know where I live.

As for layout, I would clear up the sidebar a bit. Move those meters and award buttons down. Move those archives up, let us do more than just scratch the surface. You have sections for recent posts, recent comments, category cloud and top posts. I would look into shortening those up or maybe ditching one (or two) of them.

The posts are a nice length, ok, some are a tad long, but nicely readable with competent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I did encounter a double period – strangely enough on a post about periods. Ironic, isn’t it? Sometimes she veers off on a tangent, but don’t all mothers? Mine always did, she was always losing her train of thought --- sorry. Back on topic. Once again, there’s not much to bitch about here. Which, in itself, is something to bitch about.

Nothing flashing, no music playing, she’s not pushing ads. Black type on white background keeps me from getting pissed off and having to hit my zap plugin. In fact, I didn’t have to zap a single thing at this site. Amazing. It’s a well-planned blog. Plan to spend some time reading.

I got caught up in the content and spent the better part of the afternoon delving into the archives. Which Wiggle is the most fuckable? Damn it, she’s right again. It’s Anthony. We’re some kind of blogmates, Mindi, and I am subscribing right now. I am giving her:

And, if she cleaned up her side bar, I would fucking love her.

[Editor's note: THANK YOU!!!]


  1. I'm not sure where I found the link to her blog, but I fucking love her.
    Though, I agree... the new header is pretty icky. It distracts... not something you want a header image to do.

  2. I went to the site for two minutes.

    I was inspired enough to comment on her post 'So about this New Math...'

    And then I had an actual laugh out loud when I read the tongue-in-cheek 'Everyone else has these rectangles on their blog so I guess I should too!' on the sidebar.

    Cute and catchy, I agree with the review.

    - Fix banner to anything else.
    - Give those starving kids some Cocoa Puffs.

    ~ Driz

  3. Great guest review! And boy did you get lucky. I really like this blog (new banner excepted). I like it so much, I'm probably adding it to my reader.

  4. I know, she's cute, funny...what's not to like? She does get a bit verbose, and could definitely edit, edit, edit, but I like her.

  5. So I guess we're all gonna go around building up her ego and have nothing good to argue about today.

    Good thing George came back yesterday isn't it?

  6. Yay Mindi! I love Mindi. Not only her blog, but her. She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

  7. You have a point about editing, LB, but at least Mindi's wordiness doesn't make me start nodding off.

    Lara, I bet if you talked nice to her and complimented her tits Love Bites could say something inflammatory.

  8. Nah. I like boobies. Plus, I'm very secure in my own sweater puppies. After all, as stated by anonymous, I'm well qualified for a job at Hooters. ;)

  9. Calamity, I don't think I'm the right person to be complimenting tits. People would think I expected them to show me or something.

    But I do have a complaint. Not about the blog... about the review. The link "Which wiggle is the most fuckable?" links to the Sweater Puppies post again. Which is a good post and all, but I feel like a bad mother for not knowing what a Wiggle is, and I thought I could sneak in and find out without anyone knowing... but dammit the link is wrong. So now I'm stuck going to work and having to feel like I don't know what the hell is going on.

    Not that that's different from any other day. But you can always hope.

  10. LB, I just meant that if we were nice to you, you could probably be talked into saying something incendiary. ;)

  11. Fun blog....change that header (although I shouldn't be talking)
    Anyhow, since we are, presently, amongst a bunch of grammar Nazis (Sieg Heil)....this is for you:

  12. You say Nazi like it's a bad thing. Clearly, you have not been spending enough time on Avitable's site.

  13. LB: thanks for the nice review!

    I reverted back to the old banner about an hour ago. The one I had put up this week was made for me by a very nice daily visitor to my blog as I had though that the picture of my jewelry was "dead space". But once I had it up, I realized (before I even read your review) that I liked the cleaner look of before.

    I cleaned up the sidebar a bit (got rid of the "Recent Posts", rearranged a few), collapsed the archives to a drop-down menu.

    As for the part about not having music, flashing ads, etc? That's the benefit of being a computer idiot. I don't even know what a "zap plugin" is!

  14. Lara: the "Which Wiggle" is actually on my "About Me" page.

    It's the last paragraph and then the discussion follows in the comments.

    You can learn about the Wiggles here:

    They are on the Disney channel as well

  15. I like her, like her a lot. Not so bothered about the sidebar issues. She would be well served by a bit of editing, but that's just a personal opinion. Nice work!

  16. Love Bites: I have no problem whatsoever with grammar Nazis...I even have one of those t-shirts that goes "Bad Grammar Makes Me [Sic]"...hehe...I suppose I should've put a smiley in that last somment or something....

  17. Mister C:

    I love Grammar Nazis, too. I probably should start putting "tongue in cheek" warnings on half my comments.


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