Friday, April 04, 2008

"You can't see everyone naked"

Let me just say, up front, that the title of this blog sucks. I think the terms blog and random should always be avoided as oxymoronic when naming a blog. After all, aren't blogs, by their very nature, blogs? And, as well, likely to be random? So, if I had my druthers, I'd probably rename this random blog based on the design elements of the layout to something like "What Goes In Must Come Out," or whatever. Of course, she owns the "" domain, so this wish of mine is unlikely to happen.

Corinna comes right out and tells us that her blog was designed to be viewed in Firefox, and we are total losers for not having downloaded it. Well, durr on me. Thank god for Corinna that I'm viewing this from my home computer on a much-needed day off from work, so it looks fine. Your mileage may vary. Some of us blog-surf from work, and when I do, I have to use IE, so messages like that annoy me, but having mucked about more than I'd like to admit with CSS, I also understand them.

So, having addressed that, I like the layout, it is clean and clever in blue and white, my favorite color combination. What I don't like about this layout is the all-too-many gadgets in the sidebar, (you know how I feel about that shit). But the archives are wrapped up neatly, there is a darling photo of our blogstress, and it's all good.

Corinna: consider adding an "about me" so that people know you are a single girl, recently out of a 5.5 year relationship, and looking for love in the big/small/medium-sized city or whatever (check all that apply). It helps a first-time reader get up to speed with the flow of your blog much faster if they have at least a brief introduction.

Last, but not least, the writing. I like it. It isn't snarky (god, snarky is so overused these days). It's a little sweet. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and you can tell that in real life, she's probably a hellalot of fun. These are the adventures of a single girl who is rediscovering dating, and since I'm living that journey myself, I enjoyed it. It's probably not for everyone, but then, what blog is? But, having said that, I dig it. I like a blog that lets me get to see what a person is like inside, by a person who doesn't think she's the be-all end-all of the universe, and who writes things like this:

"In walked the guy it didn’t work out with. And he had a very angry bee shoved right up his ass."

" uterus begs to differ."

There are lots of other crushes to be had… And I intend to have them
." (she might be an ellipses overuser)

"Today I intend to...sit on the couch until my ass falls apart."

So, in short, I enjoyed reviewing this blog because, in spite of its non-promising title, it doesn't suck. It has dirty porn stars, it has random drinking with bffs, it has pictures with funny captions, it has entries about teh suck and teh non-suck of singleness. There are probably a million blogs out there these days written by girls not that different from Corinna and titled with some variation of "random," "journaling," etc., but this one...doesn't suck (unlike most of them).

So, go check it out, y'all.

Peace and great sex to you (yes, I'm totally stealing that today from you, Corinna).

I give it 3 stars:


  1. AAAaaaaAAAAH........

    Niceness to end a week a bitchitude.

    This blog SHOULDN'T be good, but it is.


  2. Holy shit!

    I had to be drunk to submit my blog and had to take several deep breaths to read the review.

    Thank you for your time and suggestions; both are very much appreciated.

    Peace and blogs that don't suck.


  3. Calamity, Nutjobber, Love Bites et al....heh...this one's for you:

  4. Personally can't relate. But I can see how you could. Not bad, the girl's got some chops (to use a completely inappropriate metaphor).

  5. Why thank you, Crowley~~~I think. ;)

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  7. I could do a free, completely biased review...

  8. Nicely done review, and I'm liking the blog. Think I'll subscribe, actually.

  9. Mr Crowley, that is perfection.

  10. Robine,

    I don't think you want to know what I think of spammers.

  11. @ Calamity: Danke schon...AAYSR was posibly the most appropriate place for that one to go on :)

  12. Crowley,

    I like it that we are linked on your blog as "rip you a new one."

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