Friday, May 09, 2008

I have a bad case of the on wee

So, how much do I suck this week? Apparently, Jobber's e-mail has started rejecting anything I send him as spam. Booty is offline until Monday. And, I was in Alabama all week. Wait, isn't spending a week in Alabama enough, as far as punishment goes? I think it is.

Okay, so. How can you not like a blog entitled "It's Hard Work Being This Easy"? Personally, I work damned hard to be easy, and I know the same holds true for Calamity, as well.

The boys, do we even need to get started on them?

I have no real issues with the template for this blog. I don't think it fits SWF42 perfectly, (I'd prefer to see her go with a classic pinup girl as she has in her avatar), but it's clean, neat, and easy to navigate. Get rid of that fugly google ad in your sidebar at the top, it distracts from your design. Also, there is a problem with the meta tags for your blog, and you need to look at those. You have at least one extra break code in there, so when I pull up your blog, the tab at the bottom of IE looks strange. I also think you could limit your posts per page at 5 or so, you don't really need the page to extend for miles and miles of scrolling.

That shit gets old.

Now, the content. I love it and hate it. First off, I fucking hate memes. Hate them with the burning passion of ten million tanning bulbs. I only wish that the person who invented Thursday Thirteen would have had her fingers lopped off in a horrific cake decorating accident before she was able to spread this particularly virulent virus around teh interwebs. (And I know for a fact this was a woman, no guy would ever have an idea this dumb which requires a weekly recitation of a set number of items on a particular day of the week--bah).

Beyond Thursday Thirteen, we have Weenie Wednesday, and TMI Tuesday. Okay, SWF42. You're allowed one meme a month. MAYBE one a week. But this is fucking meme overkill, and I hates it. You're too smart and literate to take this crappy way out of actually having to craft a post. So, knock that shit off.

Next, would it kill you to give us more goddamn sex? Here are topics you should focus in on, SW: Sex. Basketball. More sex. Maybe some more basketball. Definitely, more sex. Also, I loved this post.

When you actually write, you write well. Also, your life philosophy, particularly in regard to sex, interests me. But stop with the fucking memes, sweetie. You're so not a meme girl. I wish you'd put up a list of your favorite posts on either your sidebar or in a post that you link to your sidebar so that a new reader can get a quick (and hopefully, dirty) introduction to who you are and what(who) you do. That wouold fucking help with hooking in new readers. Okay, so that's the big thing you can do today that would help with this clusterfuck of memeage.

Here's my best advice: Like me, you're a dirty, dirty slut. We both need to focus in on what we're good at. More fucking, less fucking memes.

I give you

But for all the damn memes? C'mon now. You can do better than that.


  1. I loved the blog, as far as the parts she wrote, but I agree the memes totally turned me off... to the point of not being sure I even wanted to bookmark it. You got this one right on, LB.

    Except maybe wanting her to write about basketball. Because I'm from Indiana, and I still don't want to read about basketball.

  2. I love SWF. She's ballsy and brash and sexy.

    I hate her template, though. The banner is super huge, and I hate the ads. And I'm with you on her needing more of a pinup-type design. How about this?

    I have been suckered into the dreaded Thursday Thirteens of the world, too, so I know how easy it is to give in. But resist! :)

  3. I just skimmed straight past the memes, because, really? If I'm going to find out why you love being a mother, it's going to be in some sort of story about your wee little angel, as opposed to a cold boring list. Meh. Other than that, she's kinda funny. And I love me a little Vargas girl action.

  4. Also, being easy comes pretty naturally to me, really. It's a gift.

  5. I hope to be easy in like 3 hours.

  6. I rather like the template. The colors are pleasant enough without being distracting. Unfortunately, so are the posts.

  7. I read this review and went through the blog on Friday night and I thought it was amazing, but I was drunk.

    So I went back sober and it's still pretty bloody good.

    When you have a reviewer that can point out the good posts in the middle of the other shite it's great.

    Despite being the dempographic that I shy away from she's very refreshing and honest.

    More of that and it would be as great as it was when I was drunk.


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