Monday, July 14, 2008

Comment of the [Last Two] Week[s]

Gimmie some sugar:

And to the person who suggested I was seeking validation, you are sorely mistaken.

It is a boring blog, but she uses her semicolons well. And she bends over to let us see her colon, so whatever.

You're not the boss of me, so eat a bag of dicks.
-Bitter Mistress

I've seen hieroglyphics carved into the flesh of a rat that were more readable than this.

I am now mentally scarred, possibly permanently impaired, from reading the comments above. Some of you people scare me.
-Matt Shafer

[whispers] Baby Jesus thinks you're all fuckers
-Father Gene

-Calamity is so nice that you can lick her words right off the screen and they taste like bubblegum.
-Love Bites

Here's a bandage and some literal gauze, you bleeding axe wound.

Canada is like Narnia, right?

It’s always so difficult to decide [on Comment of the Week] because I have never experienced a more talented group of complete assholes in my entire life.

Also, in the "In Case You Missed It" file, here are the Best Exchanges of the Week, the winners of which will be sent a picture of Ol’ Nutjobber boxing a dog to a draw:
Keywork: Also, do me a fave, replace your favorite grooming product with a hornets nest.
Saskboy: How about we settle on a beehive haircut for me, and ANY grooming product for you?
Keywork: Whatever you say, Sparky. As long as you promise to keep bees in it.

Sinead: I am a bit bummed she changed the layout before I got to see what colour squirrel vomit is.
Father Gene: Sinead, it's doesn't need to be a squirrel necessarily, just force feed any small creature fruits of the forest then slit it's belly.
Sinead: Uh Father, you know I am vegetarian right?
Father Gene: Well, in my defence, I just said to split the creature open, not to eat it.

Betsey Booms: You are probably self centered and suck hard at life.
Calamity: I suck hard at life, and life likes it. It's because of that little swirly thing I do with my tongue.
Keywork: Life comes on you prematurely I would imagine.


  1. You're not the boss of me, so eat a bag of dicks.
    -Bitter Mistress

    It's just... transcendent.

  2. Personally, I usually suggest just sucking the bag of dicks. Eating them can be filling and time consuming.

  3. I like how you didn't keep them all in the family. It's important to include new people now and then.

  4. I like monacles. And deck shoes.

  5. I can't believe I won for that bullshit.

    I'ma have to stick to the low-brow comments from now on. I suspect it'll be a little like barking at a dog - the fuck if I know what I'll be saying, but every so often, the dog barks back in approval.


    ~ Driz

  6. I tried the swirly thing with the tongue out on Friday and the boyfriend sure as hell liked it. So, I have to vote for that.

  7. Angel, no, me.
    No, Angel. No, me.

    Fuck it, she's not here.



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