Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pull your own finger

I'm buggered by the blog for this week, renal failure.

It makes me want to cry. Not because it’s shit or anything, but because it’s supposed to be brilliant, it should be brilliant, but I just don’t get it.

It looks good, - really good, has a great title, simple template, decent colour scheme, cool header, and I even don’t really mind the spazzy jingly jangly sidebar because it kind of fits with the comic book type look. (I would move the character images higher up though)

It’s been around for an age in blog terms, it’s very well written, very articulate, and it’s as lovingly and carefully maintained as a high class prostitute’s bush.

There’s a whole cast of voices involved, maybe too many to be really welcoming to new readers perhaps, but it's shining a beacon of humour across the blogging universe.

All that is simply fantastic, except for one small thing - I don't find it funny.

Now, I could be just an uneducated, humourless runt, and all of this flew right over my inbred head, but I don’t think so.

I had to re-read some posts in case I had missed the funnies, to no avail.
I scratched my head at the dozens of re-posts of former glory, and I picked scabs from my own anal cavity in an attempt to make some of the oldest rehashed gags known to college students seem more entertaining.

Credit where it’s not particularly due, I did snort at this and their ‘precious encouragements’ series is indeed amusing, and probably my favourite feature.

Having said all that, I almost changed my point of view on this whole thing when I received a reply to my question if the submission for review was 'genuine and wanted'. The answer was in the affirmative and followed by ‘…unlike my daughter’.

Now that’s fucking funny.

To sum up, before I lose the will to live, this looks tasty, reads pretty good, there’s a mountain of effort and time put into it, which I simply adore, but the humour just didn’t tickle my testes. Another reviewer perhaps and you could have hit the jackpot.

So, cue everyone else saying how hilarious this was and the authors moaning about how unfunny I am.

There's no accounting for taste eh?

For the meticulous effort and good readability:


  1. I liked it ok. Mmm... nachos.

    I'd like it more if they had an about page that actually gave some information, 'cause it's all a little confusing to a first timer. I need backstory.

    I'd also like it if they moved the writer's identifier up to the top -- I like to know who I'm reading.

  2. I kind of have a thing for Tag Larkin, I think.

  3. Why does rassles always get crushes on artistic representations of square-jawed men?

    I don't think it's my kind of humor. Which is weird, because I love politics.

  4. I can't come up with anything to say - weird.

  5. Seriously: an imaginary man takes his date out for hibachi and brings flowers and PBR.

    How can I not crush on that? Who would play Tag in a movie? Clint Eastwood. But he's gotta look like Blondie and act like Philo Beddoe.

    And the dialogue entries are all Catch-22ish, which I like.

  6. I'm glad people like this actually.

    I KNOW it should be funny, but I just couldn't fib and say that I found it funny.

    These dudes deserve an audience.

  7. if I had testes they would be very tickled indeed

    renalfailure is the funniest blog of all time. but I've been saying that since February 2007.....


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