Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This little whine deserves a box of its very own...

NukeDad writes:

You have got to be fucking kidding me. I have to wait 2 weeks to get reamed because you're on the rag and nobody will help poor little Love Bites do any reviews? You dust through the first 8 posts and render your "expert" opinion based soley on those? Oh, I stand corrected, you actually clicked through to the second page.

Look, Criticism I can take, but hypocrisy I can't. You're bent out of shape because we had 2 weeks to "clean shit up", yet you gloss over the fact that the reason it was 2 weeks is because you couldn't get off of your ass to do it.

It's obvious you would never have liked my blog anyway, which is fine, but do your next submitee a favor and leave whatever personal shit you're dealing with at home. Whatever pissed you off; it wasn't all me.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Next time maybe you can do an actual review rather than write a manifesto to every guy who ever fucked you over. You are way more objective than this, LB, at least you have been.

Wow. And you think I have issues with menstruation.

Kudos, Nuke Dad. You win my whiner of the century award.


  1. WHAT A FUCKING PUSSY. Dude's a fucking leper, I haven't seen skin this thin since I was in Haiti. Suck it up, ass.

  2. And I see that someone left his big boy panties at home.

    Maybe you can borrow one of your kids' pull-ups, asswipe.

    I'd never SEEN your blog before two weeks ago. I read for a solid 30 minutes, and was bored out of my gourd the entire time.

    I freely admit: it's not for me, others may enjoy it.

    But grow the fuck up. You aren't owed a review, you aren't owed being liked, and you sure as hell aren't owed flattery.

    You asked for a review. That means that we, if we see fit, will provide you with one ON OUR TIME SCHEDULE, not yours.

    I didn't like your blog. I found it boring and mundane. I don't find men who stay at home any more interesting than women who stay at home. Your posts ramble like a road in the mojave desert.

    You write about fucking potatoes, for god's sake. How much belly button lint would have to accumulate in someone's world for them to find a potato interesting?

    Jesus Christ. You are, without question, the biggest whiner I have yet to encounter here.

  3. By the way, if you can't hook a reader in on your front page by bringing some good content at least every fucking week, don't waste my goddamn time.



  4. Dude, NOBODY reads fucking archives. Everyone has killer shit in their backpocket, but a reader's only going to see it if they're really interested after the front page. If you've got the written-equivalent to donkey-rape with a tire-iron for your most recent posts, you've going to get ignored by most, skewered by us.

    You've never left a movie because the first thirty-minutes sucked worse than a hammerdrill boring into your spine?

    Like fuck you haven't.

    Ah, well - some folks can shit in the toilet, others still need diapers.

  5. "I have to wait 2 weeks to get reamed because you're on the rag and nobody will help poor little Love Bites do any reviews?"

    Women get over it in 5 days. Men go all fucking month long. Whiners like this should be bled dry.

  6. I read archives even when the site sucks. We're reviewing the site, not just the front page. That said, I'll admit that I didn't really jive with the Nuke, but I do feel we have to give the site a good overall read.

    I think that if he wants people to see those killer posts that may be lurking somewhere in his tank, he needs to link into them.

    Don't make us go searching, because although we may accidentally strike gold while reviewing, your average reader isn't going to.

    I think the best lesson that can be learned here is that if you want your reader to find your best, put it (or at least a link to it) on your front page. Call it your best and let us see it.

    Failing that, try to write your best all of the time and then we won't have to fucking search at all. Hmmm?

    What think ye, Dad?

  7. I actually did go fairly deep into the archives, and read about two months worth. BUT...I am all about the lazy when it comes to linking. And when you don't have a single good post on your front page, what the hell is THAT about?

    Oh, wait. It means you suck.

  8. It's true. People don't look objectively at their own sites. They know about the great posts that they have written and I believe that they imagine people sitting down and just going from post to post, backward in time, reading everything that they have ever written. That doesn't happen. Readers zone when the content becomes sub-par.

    Making a link that says "My Personal Best" is a good idea. But not posting a daily dose of boring shit is a better one.

    And then, when they ask to be reviewed, they cry when we call them on it.

    You know, I write crap on my own blog, but the main difference is that I haven't asked to be reviewed.

    If I did specifically request a review I would be sure to clean things up before you all stopped by.

    Boy needs to grow the fuck up.

    I hate the fact that he started this whole thing by bitching about your review taking two weeks. What does he think this is, a drive through?

  9. You know what I love best about this? This person, with this kind of narcissism and lack of self control, is raising little people full-time.

    Think about that for a second. If that doesn't explain why this country is going to hell in a handbasket, I don't know what does.

    Having your child in daycare would be less damaging.

  10. We might be reviewing the site as opposed to the front page, Mutha, but I believe that if more people were cognizant of the fact that nobody but us will do so, they will put more effort into making sure that front page is fucking dynamite.

    Not everyone kicks ass all the time, but give a reader something to cling to up front, and you'll be good...mostly.

    If I'm supposed to check out the lay of the land but step in shit twice, three times, four, I'm probably going to suppose that it's full of shit and give my report from a nearby rooftop.

  11. My problem with this is he asked for it. He asked, he recieved. He just happened to get a review from someone who didn't click with his stuff. That's perfectly fine, and the risk you're taking.

    Stop whining. You knew what you were signing up for, and that is the possibility of not being well-recieved.

  12. What this site is NOT named: "Ask And Ye Shall Receive In a Timely Manner", "Ask And Ye Shall Receive a Guaranteed Ego Stroke", or even "Ask And Ye Shall Receive Consistency". Ya pays your dollar, ya takes your chances. Oh, wait. You don't pay. It's a FREE service. And even if your review trashes you, you still get a metric buttload of traffic.

    (OK kids, bring momma her step-stool so she can get down off her high horse now.)

  13. Finally, LB hates someone more than me. I knew this day would come. At least she liked my blog. And this guy calls himself a man?

  14. Dude, you call ONE POST, ONE FUCKING POST, cunty, and people think you're a hater. jesus.

    I don't hate you. That was just a cunty post.

    This blogger is a pansy assed cocksucker who needs to bend over and take it like a man.

  15. After reading that comment, I can't help but think I'm channeling Al Swearengen from Deadwood.

  16. Nutjobber, oh, when I step in shit, I put on my waders and dig in. That way I can really get into it and fling it back all over their ass. The more I find, the faster my fingers type. I love shit.

  17. Entitlement is so unattractive.

  18. Found the big boy panties.

    That's obviously the last reactive comment I'll ever leave. I became exactly what I was accusing you of being: a person with no objectivity. The second smackdown is well deserved.

    I did ask for it, and boy, I got it. It certainly was a whine, making me the hypocrite, not you.

    Perfect picture, by the way.


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