Sunday, August 17, 2008

Upcoming Reviews

The Cynic's Bar - "An attempt at humoring the itch to bitch about anything and everything." (sorry for the delay)

The Ghost of a Smile - "My thoughts as ciphered out via my cat like attention span. A few photos, lots of worlds colliding. Very open and honest - nothing to loose." (so says you)

A Slight Delay - "Some bloggers are experts on PHP, Java, cooking, or sex. I'm not an expert on a damned thing, I'm just an opinionated bastard that loves to write. That's it, in a nutshell. You'll figure out the rest easily enough once you start reading."

Love N'These Times - "Love'n These Times is a blog written by a twenty-something female. Thoughts, opinions, poetry, fiction and more are contained within."

I'm Just a Blogger - "Just another random personal blog..just better." (oh, a few of my favorite words)


  1. God, I hate blogs about cats.

  2. I hate when people post about not posting. Just post. Or don't. Ok, got that off my chest.

  3. Maybe "Ghost of a Smile" could start by learning the difference between "loose" and "lose?"

    Unless she meant to spell it wrong....


  4. I am surprised at how many people, even professionals in weight loss, spell lose, loose. I guess they feel that they have let 'loose' a few pounds. I gave up correcting that one quite some time ago. It's one of those things that goes right under the spell checker's radar.

  5. Apologising upfront for the delay?...

    They are lucky to get one....

    or maybe not, I'm all out of lube.


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