Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I had one once...

I was very tempted to call in sick this week.

Don't fret, I haven't come over all poorly or anything, but when I saw the url (my-scattered-ramblings) of the blog up for review I nearly vomited up my spleen.

Luckily, when I decided to go and click the bloody thing, I fell under the watchful gaze of 'The Incredible Woody' who is the 41 year old female half of a husband and wife team that spend their time making sure golf courses get watered

Incredible it was not.

A nice template, quite inoffensive, and easy on the eye especially considering the dark background.

Jam packed with rubbish. Memes with too many things that are uninteresting, and lots of posts about having nothing to say. At what point do you think it is interesting to read you telling us there is nothing for us to read?

Never. So stop it.

Now, and here is where I wonder if I'm still a little drunk, I like her. I really do.

Despite a lot of moany tat about needing to lose weight but being too lazy to get off her arse and cycle, she seems comfortable with herself, and her life. That's quite rare in blogging.

She doesn't seem needy, doesn't seem desperate for attention and is not screaming for us to look at her.

In between the meme drivel, there are lots of nice posts about her life and her family. She has a healthy respect for her family which she portrays without the sickening lashings of sentimentality that seems to have diseased the entire blogosphere.

She leads, and has lead, an interesting life, has a history that she has touched upon, but again not in a 'please ask me about myself' kind of way. She is normal, likes a toke, but doesn't try to tell us she's scarface. Quite decent at the observational too.

Not to mention, she had the most interesting tattoo related story I've ever reviewed.

It's hard to articulate the feeling I get of just how much 'at ease' she is, or how content with her life she seems.

It's not exciting, nothing crazy happens, I didn't masturbate once while reading it, and I won't be a daily reader, but it's refreshing to know that sometimes bloggers are just...what's that word... ah yes - 'happy'.

That said, if you were willing to scratch beneath the surface of that history of yours, who knows...

For you, the quite credible woody:

(P.S. I'm SO going to wonder who wrote this when I sober up)

(P.P.S Okay, I masturbated once reading it)


  1. I'll take a drunk reviewer any day. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, I'll buy!!

    PS - I will be working on scratching beneath the surface and losing the drivel!

  2. Even though normally I wouldn't go back to a blog like this, I do like her. I think I'll like her more if she does dump the meme shit and gets more personal. So I'll go back again and check in.

    And I'm not even drunk.

  3. More stuff in the vein of the yearbook post, and I'd totally go back.

    ("Vein"? See how I tied that back in? Cool, huh?)

  4. Woops, she wasn't the blog with the yearbook post. I should stop drinking so much before breakfast.

    (I stand by the vein tie-in, though.)

  5. I think that 2 stars was incredibly generous, dude. It must be the priest part of you that was moved to mercy.

  6. The fact that there's a gigantic penis on the front page went a long way for me.

  7. It's definitely one I struggled the most with pinning down a 'score'.

    There is nothing spectacular there, I just liked her.

    No pretense, no bullshit, no big ego like so many coming in that are really pissing me off.

    Could have been 1, could have been 2. She got lucky.


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