Monday, September 22, 2008

List of Bass Ackwards

God, today is SUCH a Monday. There will not be a review today. However, here is the list of (planned) reviews this week, and we will also have comment of the week again.

(sh)It Happens - This review should serve as a warning about making a whiny arse out of yourself here. Something that I (personally) am looking forward to.

Dirty Pirate Hooker - Shiver me timbers, bitch, it's finally your turn for the pain.

Post Picket Fence - Will we take it easier on her because she was inadvertently skipped in the review process? What do you think?

2 Dolphins Yay. Aquatic Mammals.


  1. Okay, it's like this:
    When you have been anticipating something painful for quite some time, after a while you just want to get it over with and end the misery.

    I am definitely not the kind who bitches at the waiter. But I guess it's too little too late now.

    Special project it is then. Shit really happens.

  2. I like pain. I also like it when you talk like a pirate and call me a bitch.

    I'm officially pulling my big girl panties out of the drawer for this. And when I say big girl panties, I mean the ridiculously hideous pregnancy panties I still have.

  3. DPH, take the panties off because when you get your spankin', it's suppossed to hurt, otherwise, how will you learn your lesson?

  4. are there enough big girl panties to go around?

    just wondering.

  5. Ms Picket, trust me when I say that my big girl panties are big enough to share, so hop on in. Unless you have an aversion to herpes, then stay out.

  6. Also, Picket, be warned there may or may not be a raccoon in said panties, so look before you leap.


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