Monday, November 03, 2008

I Am As Reliable As A Life-Jacket Made of Prayers

Because of a preposterous confluence of events, I am without review today. Never one to carry guilt, usually, your pal ol’ Nutjobber feels defeated and brainsick over this, spending these few precious moments I have available to me writing this maudlin ode to bad-timing instead of lightly combing a blog and gashing some unsuspecting soul with a haphazard review.

If you can imagine me standing slouched with my hands in my pockets and softly, dejectedly kicking at the ground, well, that’s pretty funny. True, of course, but funny nonetheless.

Apologies all around, folks. I will be here next week with a review so incredible that it’ll bring tears to your eyes and shivers to your pants... not that I’m overcompensating or anything.

Of course not.

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  1. Oh how I've missed you, review or no review.


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