Friday, December 05, 2008

Thank God for Lesbians

And here it is, Friday once again, and no, I didn't die. I was just on the road, traveling, for work, and doing shit in real life, like I have one for a change. Oh, and having sex. Not enough sex, mind you, but real, mind-blowing, hollaring loud enough to wake the neighbors sex.

You'd think that might put me in a good frame of mind to review a blog, but apparently not. I just ripped the shit out of a so-called humor blog, only to realize that someone else had just reviewed it. Mother of god...that is so the kind of week I'm having.

So, today, the lucky cool kids (and recipients of my unfulfilled need to drip loathing contempt all over some hapless internet commentator) are The Highway Hags. The Highway Hags are two lesbian truckers. Yes, you heard me correctly.

You know, reading Stace and Hedon's posts, I wonder to myself: Are lesbians smarter than the rest of us, generically speaking? I think it's possible. Is there something about avoiding cock addiction that makes women smarter? I have to at least ponder it. Which means that I may have to either learn to live with being a second-rate intelligence, or dive face-first into the pussy. I'm thinking for me at least, it's going to be the former. But, I will say this: I think the lesbians may singlehandedly save the blogosphere from the fucked up things that straight people are currently doing to it.

I seriously love everything about this blog. I mean, every fucking thing. I love the template, although there is something grammatically incorrect about this line:
Our World. Seen through a bug-splattered windshield.

Theoretically, though I am not the red pen wielding grammar nazi here (that falls to Calamity), I think this sentence should read: "Our world, seen through a bug-splattered windshield."

Something to think about.

On the template, here are my thoughts: clean up your sidebar, we don't need to know who has recently posted comments, I'd put my links/blogroll underneath another tab, and damn that advertisement is big. But, I like it, overall. I like it A LOT.

The content is fucking awesome. It's thoughtful, funny, cool, hilarious, and it is INTERESTING. I love the perspective offered here, it's totally unique, and it makes me want to ride along on the journey, in the back seat with Maggie.

Go read it. You'll fall in love, too. Who knows? The lesbians may end up converting us all.


  1. Lesbians. Wits. Large trucks. I'll take two, please.

  2. Everyone has a dog named Maggie, I sweartafuckinggad.

  3. So does that mean that you, Maggie, are actually a superintelligent canine?

  4. That's the beauty of blogging, key, you'll never know. It's all smoke and mirrors and peeing on lamp posts.

  5. ah, if only we had a lesbian president, She would fix the economy in no time.

  6. Dude!

    When I submitted I was fully prepared for a big old spanking. I had even convinced myself I was looking forward to being spanked and was all prepared to say, "thank you, ma'am, may I have another?"

    This is way better than a spanking.

  7. Now that's a great blog.

  8. I LOVE these women. I've read every single post and they just get better and better.

    And yes, I think lesbians (these two, anyway) ARE smarter than the average bear.

    I'm glad they got a good review!! More love for us trucker chicks!

  9. Hedon and Stace are the best! They deserve all your good words and more. And yes, the two of them are smarter than the rest of us, you have only to read.

    BTW, there is no "back seat" in a big truck. There is a bunk (bed) in the tractor and that is Maggies domain. When she isn't rolling the window up and down to point out something interesting to the Hags.


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