Thursday, December 04, 2008

So only the first 15 minutes is free then?

I don't have long as I've got to be back at work soon, so I'm going to grab a quick sandwich and tell you that simply put, 15 minute lunch is tight.

What's the difference between this humour blog and a lot of the rest?

He spends his time being funny instead of telling us he's funny.

Johnny Virgil tells us some good funny stories from his own day to day, he picks some of the more obscure stuff from the net and world news, and sometimes he just lets the imagination run.

Consistent, thorough, carefully crafted, and most often, quite amusing.

You could dip into this blog at any time and find a post that tickles your fancy. His unassuming tone, and just on the right side of self deprecating voice, is a nice read, and you chuckle along with him because he doesn't hit you over the head with the 'I'm so funny' rubber mallet.

There really isn't much more to say, it's a tight ship, it promises and delivers.

If I'm going to be picky, and it's my party, so I will be, there are a few things you should do.

A better template, there's nothing really wrong with the one you have, but blue isn't funny is it? and as your posts tend to be quite long, a wider writing space would suit. You're good enough to deserve a nicer stage.

Your archive is crap, that list of yearless months is just dumb.

Those long posts, I admire your dedication and thoroughness but as someone who had to, and wanted to, read your archives it became heavy going, for a light hearted blog. I'm sure you plan posts in advance, mix it up a little, break up the flow a bit and throw out some short sharp shocks of funny once in a while.

Too much scrolling. Far too much, long posts plus a front page that goes back to August is no
good. 3, maybe 5 per page is enough for what you have there.

All in all, this is just nitpicking at what is a very well written humour blog, no clown shoes, no pie in the face, just original humour.


  1. I hate clowns. I don't hate J-Virg.

  2. You've got to be kidding.

    On second thought, that smell is probably my disgusting cat who is sitting on the floor next to my chair right now. He suffers from a bad case of stankass, because he's too fat to clean himself properly.* Every time he leans over far enough to get his tongue within range of his butt, his gut flap covers everything up so he can't get to it. Yeah. Enjoy that visual. You're welcome.

    Carefully crafted? amusing?

  3. I didn't say anything about not hating J-Virg's writing. Know what else is tight? Otter pussy.

  4. Going to the aquarium must have been a completely different experience for you, Key..

  5. Fuck that, I like it. It's about time, too.

  6. Pretty fucking much, Joe. I can tell you this: they're not all pink in the middle.

  7. AND one of his favorite movies is Birdy, and that's just fucking weird. Who wants to watch Matthew Modine crouched naked on his bedrails?


  8. I hated that fucking movie with a passion. Still do.

  9. I know, it's awful. But just having the balls to blatantly claim your love for it...that's great.

  10. I can tell you this: they're not all pink in the middle.

    I literally threw up in my mouth a little with that one.

  11. i like his stories from childhood. they remind me but more northern.

  12. Thanks for the review! Good points.

    gap, you have a post about your cat licking your face. I can see why you don't like that paragraph.

    Ghost, stay out of my aquarium. And you obviously forgot the first rule of otter club.

    As for Birdy, yeah, it isn't the best movie, but Peter Gabriel did the soundtrack so I'm obligated. Plus, don't knock the bed rail thing until you've tried it. I never claimed to be a film critic. (Have you seen my movie list? Jesus, they all suck)

  13. Touche..

    nice little papercut of a comeback, Johnny.

    Next time, try cutting me with eloquence.

  14. I'm not much of a cutter, and I certainly never claimed to be eloquent. Also, you scare me, so I think I'll pass.

  15. Father Gene, you've hit the nail on the head as to why JV's regular readers love him so much and keep coming back for more. He's funny without having to tell us he's funny, and so many of us can relate to the childhood stories and everyday (mis)adventures in one fashion or another (but are not able to describe our experiences so elequently!).

    Because he's so funny and entertaining, we overlook the weird blog colours and layout, and the strange likes/favourites, although sometimes we share the same ones (not the Birdy movie though - that's just plain bizarre!). I personally like those long stories, as the detail and description is such I can picture what happened...

    Good review!!

  16. Damn straight! Johnny rocks! Bought time you got one right! ;)

  17. Gad...I love messin' with you guys...spellun errors and all...


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