Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's play a game.

It is Friday, after all.

Not sure if Nutjobber is going to get a review up today (and apparently, Fr. Gene didn't get one up yesterday because of my ineptitude. Instead, take a minute and recommend a blog we SHOULD review, for whatever reason (juicy goodness or horrifying badness) and/or write your own review in the comments.

Yes, I am really this lazy.



    This is one you'll fucking love.


  2. For those who like America's Next Top Model, Elyse Sewell's blog.

  3. And, one of my discoveries from Rassle's blog, Poor Penmanship. Fucking love it. Concise enough?

  4. Ooh, me, me! I've got one:
    A guilty pleasure and one of the worst things ever slapped up on the ether!

  5. Isn't that Amarinda a writing buddy of yours Mia?

  6. Who cares? She's hilarious.

  7. Although, GOD DAMN that's a fugly blog. Amarinda's, I mean.

  8. Thanks, LB!

    I love The Imaginary Review, a spot-on parody of all things critical.

    These are especially good:

    "Poetry" review

    "Restaurant" review

    I hope you like them!

  9. Fuck yeah, Erin. Love that girl.

  10. Erin is a fucking badass.

    *in my family, this is high praise, indeed.

  11. "Apparently"

    No, definitely.

  12. I admit it, I'm inept. And forgetful. And absent-minded. And VERY VERY bored today.

  13. Three things:
    1) I think this blog is funny
    But she doesn't post so much, so I'm all pissed off at her all the time. Otherwise, I think she's funny.
    2) I would like Miss Missives (or anyone else) to let me know if she thinks I am digging deeper as she suggested I do in her review of my blog. Kind of a re-review, if you will.
    3) I would like to some day do a review for Ask.
    4) I am afraid #3 will cause Big Daddy Gene's buttocks to clench.

    I know I said three things and came up with four, but, you know how that goes in the Mongoliangirl brain, right?

    Pumpkin muffin?

  14. I'm not Miss Missives, but I remember reading your blog when she first reviewed you, and not really paying much attention, and then reading you over the past couple of weeks, and WOWZA. Great stuff, MG. Really, seriously.

    And yeah, you can do a review.

    See how easy I am on Fridays?

  15. This is one I love:

    The Eclectic Garden.

    Sadly, he kind of stopped blogging in November. But the writing? Aaaaah.

  16. Oh go on mono girl, I need the laugh.

  17. Thank you LB. I truly appreciate your opinion on that.
    I'll have to remember to ask you questions on Fridays. Not that I can't use my blue nylon whip and a plate of pumpkin muffins to get a 'yes' out of you on other days, eh?

    And you, Big Daddy Gene, just clenched your buttocks so hard that I think you broke the finger I had up there. Do it again and I'm going to stop fondling you all together, young man.

  18. Well, Mongolian Girl, since you asked...

    I told you to edit, I hated your header, I don't like having to click to get the rest of the post, and I told you to dig deeper and write about things you were afraid to.

    You still need to edit but so does nearly everyone else. Your template is beautifully simple and clean and the header are awesome. Idon't have to click over to read more anymore. You have digged deeper and I think that in part is why you've made so many friends, you are letting people in even to some of the crazy which is perfect.

    So, Mongolian Girl, you followed directions to the letter and without patting myself on the back because the credit goes to you, your blog is much better for it.

    So extra pumpkin muffins for you and you can hump my leg now.

  19. Miss M, indeed. She and I share several publishers and one editor. She's been around a bit.

  20. I hope you use protection.

  21. RK is an acquaintance as well. In my fucking building. ??? What I get for sharing where I roam.

  22. Thank you Miss Missives. And, do not be confused, it's one thing to ask, it's another to receive. And it is something else entirely to use what you've received.
    In other words, I am grateful for all of it.
    Also, in other words, I am going at your leg like our Chihuahua humps our big dog's head.

  23. Well isn't this all just fucking delightful.

  24. feeling a wee bit pissy over the recent allegations of priest sexual abuse in Ireland, are we, Father?

  25. Why yes, Big Daddy Gene, yes it is. Things are going much better since you relaxed your buttocks again.
    Oochie goochie gooooo...

  26. LB, why yes in fact. They're having all the fun over there and I'm missing the lot.

    Monogirl, don't you have oats to shovel or something?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Another dead blog, but pretty different

  29. No, Big Daddy Gene, I'm only shoveling shit today (i.e. trying my best to appear interested in your comments).
    Silly boy.

  30. Look what I missed out on because I was getting drunk in a parking lot, trying to stop my husband from tossing a beer on Jeter and sneaking into bars.

    I miss all the fun.


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