Monday, June 15, 2009

Get Wood

I didn't know what to expect from a blog whose address is "in public interest." Politics, I suppose. Then, unsettlingly, it was titled "Woodchuck Chuck."

I definitely didn't expect the blog to be written by a 20-something Indian girl. Do they even HAVE woodchucks in India?

But surprisingly, for me at least, she did not disappoint. I can count on two fingers the number of Indian bloggers that haven't disappointed, out of dozens.

A few things:

1. The header image is overly large, for my taste.

2. It would be helpful to American (and other readers outside of India) if you put translations of some phrases in parentheses when you speak in your native tongue. That would help us, also, to follow the stories. You're writing to the world, here.

3. Too much crap in the sidebar distracts from your (very good) posts. Clean up the messy graphics to help us focus in on your writing.

4. An "About Me" page/post would be helpful to introduce us to you, your backstory, your boyfriend, your ambitions, etc. Do it.

Ask readers, start here, here and here.

I like her cute wry voice, and I like the chance to live life through her eyes. I like that I can visualize the people in her life as she writes.

The blog design is pretty hideous, but girlfriend can write. She just needs to keep banging those words onto the page.

I give it


  1. I have to agree. Most Indian bloggers disappoint, but she's pretty good.


  2. Who would have thought us brown folk would get some love around here?

    She does write really well though.

  3. Reviews have been getting shorter and shorter lately.

  4. Also, I think it's a laudable thing to only use as many words as you need to get your point across, and then STOP.

  5. Vivian VonDoom6/15/2009 5:12 PM

    Shit, it's summer blogging hours.

    Evidently, people want us to write a thesis on why their blogs could be better and exactly what they should do on each and every post.

  6. Woodchuck Chuck. Me likey.
    Me also likey the writing and have put her blog into my reader.
    That post on writing? Brilliant.

  7. She's only 24? That's amazing. What a mature voice. She must've come out of the womb with a pen in her hand. I was still drooling beer when I was her age.

  8. True enough.
    But that is why reviewees have been complaining more (I think.)
    The reviews are shorter, less constructive criticism and linking and more abstract feelings.

    But fuck, it's summer.

  9. She writes very well. Experienced beyond her age. I think I can really get into this one.

  10. Geo, you can't imagine how it feels to constantly be repeating ourselves here. It starts to bore me, after a while, to constantly be saying the same fucking things to people.

    So, if people feel like they aren't getting constructive criticism, I'd say they aren't fucking paying attention.

  11. I just found my journal from 1995 and it's a sad, pitiful thing full of terrible, awful writing and marvelous, wonderful memories.

    I'm kind of shocked at the skill of some young writers we've had lately, including this one.

    Geo has obviously not been reading my wordy as fuck reviews. Some of us are able to just say what we think; others need more room to spread out. There's no pleasing everyone.

  12. Her header wasn't always that inexplicable bulb - It used to be this nifty one of her interviewing someone and the colours matched perfectly - guess we all get bored of the good stuff : D

    And she has a book deal! So Hells YEA she can write.

  13. I appreciate this place for the good reads it leads me to.


    I can imagine you must get bored if you have to repeat yourselves over and over. At the same time isn't it humbling that people care to hear more of what you may have to say?

    I wont complain though. I like it all so far.

  14. I've been a huge fan of Woodchuck for a while now. I really wish she'd stuck to her old template, and I wish she'd edit a wee bit better.

    Rock on Pips :)

  15. Well, she seems nifty.

    And yeah, GEO, if the reviews are getting shorter, it's because the reviewers are sick and tired of saying the same shit over and over again.

    It's the problem with writers: by nature, they're narcissists, and completely self-absorbed. How else could one have the audacity to believe that their writing deserved to be reviewed and loved by people worlds away? We all believe we are the exception.

    Of course, in Woodchuck's case, she is an exception.

  16. Hilarious. Woodchuck thinks I was harsh.

  17. She doesn't know from harsh.

    Also, why do people always think we're men?

  18. Indian bloggers disappoint? Really now, AD? Try goose-egg.blogspot or doyouwannafess.blogspot or greensaysgo.blogspot or bmukhtiar.blogspot or 2x3x7.blogspot or mitalisaran.blogspot or educatedtatya.wordpress or or sforshenanigans or

  19. Dee, for most regulars here, the world of "Indian bloggers" is confined to the blogs submitted/reviewed here - sweeping generalizations are fun anyway.

  20. Also,

  21. Dee:

    We don't review the unwilling. The overwhelming majority of Indian blogs that have submitted here (which is what I was referring to, and that was clear from my review) have sucked ass.

    And not in the good way, either.


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