Tuesday, September 01, 2009

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

So, um, hi? Miss me? Yeah, look, sorry about that. I kind of took an unintentional hiatus there. It's just, damn, there's this whole summer winding down thing and my rampant ennui and there was, like, stuff to do where I had to meet deadlines. And then I got this rager of a headache that totally incapacitated me and all. But, you know, sorry. Not your fault, guys. It's all me. Me and my excuses.

But I'm getting back into it, you know? Psyching myself up, getting pumped, giving myself a stern talking to about responsibilities and commitments and follow through and keeping my eye on the ball and strike first, strike hard, no mercy SIR!

And look! It's working. 'Cause here's my review.

Batspit. Bat spit? Bat's pit? Bats pit? I haven't a clue. I don't know what it means. I don't know why. Or how. The about page is short and sweet and doesn't tell me, so I'm left to my own devices, which means I think it's bat spit. But do bats even spit? If they do, is it venomous? Or is it rich in nutrients like their shit? Thoughts to think, stuff to ponder.

Whatever the hell it means, her site has a very minimalist design, and it's image-friendly, which is good because she posts a lot of her own photos. And they're pretty, with an interesting perspective.

The writing is much the same. Lea writes these poetic and nuanced and powerful posts about small things and big things. There are posts I can relate to, and her writing is spare and lovely. She's an anthropology student, which doesn't surprise me as her attention to detail is reverential and her interest in others palpable. Lea is a word nerd, and I have to love anyone who uses the word "skirr." I mean, honestly. Say it. Skirr. You want to roll the R, don't you? Lord knows I do.

I admit, I haven't read the whole thing yet. Yet, mind you. I fully intend to and I'm adding her to my reader. I started at the beginning and have worked my way up toward last November. I'm disappointed that she hasn't posted since August 13, but then who am I to talk, Miss Ennui Notbloggington herself? But Lea has captured the blogging crisis for academia, and for us. And she's so very, oh, what do I want to say... earthy and organic. There's nature and life and joy and detail, such pristine detail in her writing. It's like she's cupped the world in her hands and is examining it piece by piece as it comes along, taking its picture and putting it up close, close, close to her eye so she can see it and write about it and savor it just so.

So, what can I suggest for Lea? Just keep writing. I'll keep reading.


  1. So glad you're feeling better Cal. Nice review.

    I like this Batspit, judging from a couple of the posts you linked to.

    Damn, I just wish I didn't have 258posts to read in my MUST MUST MUST READ folder of my reader. Oh, screw it, she's going in.

  2. Oh, screw it, she's going in.

    That what she said!

  3. Great review. I'll be reading more bat spit. Chris, you always crack me up. Merci.

  4. HIF, Im glad I could make you smile. Any other facial gestures I might help you with?

  5. Welp, this blog is worth more than 5 thin comments. It is worth at least several incestuously driven rounds of commentary, at least 1 snidely Anonymous detractor, and last but never least, ky's absence should be mentioned; futhermore the lack of sexual party favors usually offered lazy susan style - duly noted.

  6. I don't know if bats spit, but they do make orange nasty crap everywhere. You don't even want to know why I know this...

  7. Chris, the fact that you have Sean from Zardoz as your avatar makes me love you all the more.

    And Gap, I agree -- this deserves way more comments. Get cracking.

  8. Dearest Askers,

    I apologize for my absence but I have a few things going on. The Father of Ghost passed on last Thursday and my creative lice are migrating to Houston to ultimately use me as a megaphone at the old man's funeral. I will be back some day in some form and look forward to upsetting the masses all over again.

    This blog? Beautiful. Just tell me about the fucking golf shoes.

  9. Ghost, sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. Sending heathenish but caring thoughts your way.

  10. GOK, my condolences.

    Cal, I named my penis Zardoz.


  11. GOK--blessings to you and your family.

  12. Thanks, LB, Chris and HIF, I really appreciate your thoughts. Rimjob?

  13. I have no comment on this specific blog, though I did check it out and liked the "in thirty seconds" pitch. So I guess I do have a comment. Whatever.

    What I really wanted to say was that I tripped over this (Ask And Ye...) blog this afternoon, and now I've spent half an hour on it. I read through your FAQ and all your ancillary pages, I submitted my blog for review in four months (or whenever you get around to it), and I mentioned this blog on Twitter as "by far the best site I found today," even though some of the writing will probably offend some of my readers.

    I absolutely love it though, especially Calamity's writing, and since I couldn't find anywhere else to show some love, I decided to do so here. If that gets me reamed out because I didn't follow some kind of protocol, I don't care. I love what you guys do, and I'll be telling my friends.

  14. Batspit? The name of the blog seems to have been changed to Apparently? (fucking gay) I couldn't understand the posts. Too jumbled and talked about some abstract type shit. Just say what the fuck you mean, for fuck's sake. Blog sucked. BTW, this blog is starting to suck the big cack. What happened to the kick-ass reviews? Now we're left with a bunch of soft ass pussy shit. Ask and you won't get shit.


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