Monday, February 22, 2010

List of Schooled

Welcome back to the School of Pain where bloggers come to beg for beatings for reasons I still do not fully understand. I hope it is to learn. Really, I do.

Here are this week's pain-loving pupils:

Scary Mommy - "My honest take on motherhood. (Oh, yes, another mommy blog)."

Even Idiots Order Pizza - "Everyone has encountered an obnoxious person at a restaurant, a grocery store, the mall, etc., harassing an employee. Here is a place to tell the stories of that outrageous customer from the other side of the counter."

The Daddy Files - "I describe in detail my son's poop (because I'm obsessed with feces) and I once had to manually pump my wife's breast during a car ride because her tatas were leaking."

An Addict In My Son's Bedroom - "This a chronicle of a parents journey with an addicted son that has been using for 6 years."

Anyone want to warm these bloggers up with a pre-hazing? My mental red pen is already making stabbing motions.


  1. I feel like a potential client on the show Nip/Tuck who's about to be shamed when all the deficiencies regarding my chin, cheeks, eyes, gut, butt, love handles and man boobs are circled with a red marker.

    Be gentle, I'm sensitive.

  2. Hmmm, from my slack perusal of this week's fares I would say the only one I would go back to is Daddy Files.

    Addict didn't interest. Wrong target audience perhaps?

    Even Idiots - some funny stories but couldn't read a whole blog of it.

    Scary Mommy - meh, and set up of older posts shat me.

  3. Summing up this week in a single movie title: "There Will Be Blood."

  4. I was thinking "Dumb and Dumber"

  5. but that leaves out two others.

  6. Oh, what a lovely tea party.


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