Monday, February 01, 2010

Rs.50 lakh per month?!

People in the Sun
Let me get straight to the point. Thauseef is a great writer who's doing something really wrong: Either he forgets people are reading his blog, or he pretends not to care. This means two things:

1. He published 4 posts in 2009.
2. Even with that limited output, he manages to make me angry.

And I'm angry because he writes so well. When I first looked through the blog and saw the long posts, I thought, "Oh, looks like we got ourselves a writer!" because there's nothing more pathetic and amusing to my cynical self than a person who can't write and thinks he can. I had a review already written in my head. It was going to be really funny, too. But then I actually read the blog, and... motherfucker can write! It's a thin line between using big words to appear literary and using them well. And Thauseef pulls it off. I mean, the man can write. He just doesn't.

And to make things worse, here's his latest post. It's called, "Work - Or some other magic." See, Thauseef found a job. The man who has poetically struggled with love and with writing and with finding his place in the world, is now getting places. Good for him. He got what he wanted. But I don't care anymore. What starts as a post about him questioning his new life and the choices he's made ("It is surprising, on retrospect, that despite my ardent belief that my life and my perspective have always been different from the rest, I have somehow ended up having the exact same life that most people do"), becomes, well, here are some sentences:

He had sixteen years of experience in the field of Networking and had a successful record of Rs.50 lakh per month on Networking range of accessories.

Sometimes, you have to sell the material without profits just to get the products moving. With the distributor sitting in UAE, he has bestowed complete sovereignty of Finance control to a boy in the Chennai office.

On the other hand, market scenario reflects certain shortcuts and steps to be taken to quickly create the brand awareness.

So, Thauseef, here are my suggestions:

1. If you write long posts where you talk about everything that's happened in the previous year, people are not going to read them. Many bloggers like to say--and I've seen them say it here many times--that they only write for themselves. That's a lie. Even when a person writes a journal he keeps in a locked drawer, he still hopes someone would unlock that drawer when he's dead. You write a blog because it helps you deal with whatever you're going through, but also because you want people to read it and love you for it. So take those long posts and divide them into a few short posts published more frequently.

2. If you include the words "Rs.50 lakh per month" in another post, then you should stop writing.

3. I called you "a great writer" on that first line, but writing is also about editing yourself. You can't talk about market scenarios and brand awareness and expect me to give a damn. You can't write long posts (33 Page-Downs) and expect me to read them. I wanted to love your blog, I really did, because when you want to, you make me feel. You're writing with soul and you're not afraid to be honest, but the way things are right now, your blog is unreadable.


  1. You wouldn't think a man in a cat suit could get it so right.

  2. This is quite a favorable review considering that I really haven't given writing the time I ought to.

    Thanks. I was expecting the worst :P.

    Anyway, to set the record of my blog inactivity straight, I spent first seven months of 2008 still writing and adding to the previous post (last one year). It was perhaps quite too long and too winding - but it is the only way I would have written it, considering how much it personally affected my life.

    I really should write more after your advice. And I will take it up seriously yet again. Thanks.

  3. It's a shame, because I want to read it, but I can only stare at my fucking computer screen for so long. How do you comment on a blognovel? So...fuck you, Thauseef. Horseshit.

  4. Before I sent People in the Sun this post I had a glance at it and my initial thoughts were the same as yours - that I wanted to tear the guy a new one and ask questions later. But I'm glad there was at least some substance there so it wasn't a total waste of time. The marketing shit is funny.

    And actually, I'm going right now to burn that damn diary I honestly don't want anyone to read EVER.


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