Tuesday, March 02, 2010

List of bent overs

I guess I'm a bit behind schedule. What can I say, Monday was a holiday where I live and I was busy being fed peeled grapes by a certain leather clad, magic-bullet-equipped janitor to worry about my pedagogical responsibilities.

So here you have it - the upcoming ass tearings:

The View From Here - "WE ARE: 5 women navigating our twenties in search of peace, happiness and love (or not)"

Gaston Studio - "Primarily, stories of my life living and working abroad many years ago, with a little bit of current life thrown in."

Philly Jewelz - Social Butterfly
- "A personal blog about my life, travel and thoughts as a girl living the city life."

Parents of an Addict
- crap, I know, we were supposed to review you last week. My fault.

May the lube be with you.


  1. I am drenched in an angry and unpredictable sweat over an even brief purusual of this list.
    I want to make one of them cry.

  2. Oh wait, I DO get to make one of them cry. My mood has just lifted.

  3. It's only fun when you make their parents cry too.

  4. Birdhouses? Someone submitted a blog about birdhouses?

  5. Man... I looked at the Philly girl blog and thought about all the nasty thing I would have said if I were the reviewer, but then I realized I didn't hate her at all. Damn.

    Nothing to do with her blog, though. Not my cup of Pina Colada.


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