Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Excerpts from my overwhelming emotion

I was reading this blog. Well, actually I was reading the excerpts from the blog! I know! I know! It’s confusing! I assumed this meant that the real blog was somewhere else and what I was reading was just the crème de la crème! Well, let me tell you, I felt a mix of confusion and excitement and kept on reading! My heart was beating out of my chest! And boy oh boy was I glad I persevered!

You see, Nilu is an Indian lady living in America with a swell family and shitloads of words of wisdom! She's a real funny gal! I’m not gonna tell you why. How about you just take my word for it? Because, you see, that’s kinda how she writes. She just tells us something was funny or great without actually transmitting any of the humor or emotion of the situation at all. But you know what? The exclamations points themselves were enough for me to know just how goddamn exciting everything was! Oh man alive! You wouldn’t believe how much!

I know some of you will think some of her posts are downright idiotic, but I don’t care! Some of you may think that the only funny thing she has ever written was the screamingly inappropriate letter that nearly got her fired from her job two hours before her shift ended on her last day of work! Not true! After an hour of perusing her blog, I know the truth! Besides, who needs good storytelling when we have superlative forms of punctuation!?!?

Thank God I only had to read the excerpts.



  2. I don't want to write anything mean, because she seems nice. But I hope she appreciates just how hard it is for me to hold back my "What's the point!?" screams.

  3. She is nice. I would have given her a really sweet MEH if the exclamation points hadn't caught me on a bad day.

  4. "He has the knack of turning mundane things comical. His stories about his travels around the world & his relationships are endlessly fascinating & funny. Even today he makes me laugh so much. I swear, he could read the telephone directory from cover to cover and somehow make it sound acutely funny!"

    Prove it.

  5. I'm sure her family really, really love her blog. But this just begs the age-old question: why in the name of Juan Valdez did she submit here?

  6. After suffering the misery of the last blog reviewed this blog is a relief. Admit it!

  7. I only read the "screamingly inappropriate" letter she wrote that almost got her fired at the 11th hour but if the rest of her stuff is that funny then her blog can't be that bad.

  8. Thank you Madame Bellicose for taking the time to review my blog. I had a whale of a time reading the review!!!!!(sorry about the exclamations again). Unfortunately I wasn't informed in that my blog was reviewed a while ago. I only came to know through Carmen, who took the time to leave a comment on my blog after reading the review.

    Now, I am busy convincing all my fellow bloggers to be brave enough to submit their own blogs for a review.

    @Rassels, I would have to start a whole new blog for that.

    @Here in Franklin, just for a lark.

    And thank you Carmen for your kind words.


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  10. I wonder if I will have the privilege of having my blog reviewed.


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