Monday, July 05, 2010

Oh...she bit her dog, eh?

Cue menacing fucking organ music pounded out by the forked tail of the son of a horned, sweaty, motherless spectre of the night, like a discordant Phantom of the Opera mashed up with the CSI Roger Daltry scream of fools: it's time to bring back the List of Doom.

The Blog Less Read

The Alibi of Life

See Kori Rant

Off to Oz

To Oz? To Oz.


  1. Hooray for the return of the list of doom.

    I weep for the reviewers of this week and thank my Shiny stars that I don't have to do any of these.

    Let's see: two Indian blogs, one that immediately made me want to kill myself and the other that first made me scratch my head, unsure of who I wanted to kill. Then we have two blogs of people who 'rant' and 'bitch'. Never seen that in a tagline before!

  2. Immediately upon seeing this list I was reminded of a great song by the Get Set Go called I Hate Everyone.

    It's a really good Monday morning, cantankerous song.

    These blogs, er, I have to dig further but all signs point to an entree of Meh with a side of Flaming fingers and a dessert of Short Bus.

  3. Isn't a pre-requisite that the blog should be written in English?

  4. I tried using Google Translate with "The Alibi of Life" and it didn't work. Props to the reviewer if they can figure it out.

  5. Ok, so I noticed there was some english in Alibi so I tried to click on archives and just got pages of html. Question, is the schizz broken or am I a betard?

  6. Ruby Tuesday7/06/2010 1:27 AM

    Here's what I predict:

    The Blog Never Read
    The Alibi For Nothing
    See Kori Cry
    Off With Her Head

  7. Of course, I've received some emails, and now I have to switch things up. Don't worry, though. Someday, I will post a list that means something. We'll get this bitch in the butt.

  8. Off to Oz: okay, mildly diverting but I NEED an 'about' page. And stories. Not a journal.

    Kori not very ranty and text column too narrow, but she seems like a nice lady. I bet she can bake a mean cake and is good in a crisis.

    Alibi of WTF?

    Blog Less Read: Dude seems affable, well written if not scintillating, likes cricket which is a plus but posts tooo long. My goldfish attention can't handle it.

    Look forward to was the AAYSRers say.


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